"Ami and Vivien are two girls living in Bangkok,
they used to be financial people in the corporate rat race.
Ami was doing marketing in an investment fund company and Vivien was a tax consultant.
And now are having fun blogging on ANDWHATELSEISTHERE, taking photos and doing clothes.
Spark your inspirational side and dream big too!"

"We recently got to know Ami & Vivien from ANDWHATELSEISTHERE who are a really cool blogger duo based in Bangkok, Thailand.
They are armed with a camera and readily click away at what's cool in their world
and are always sifting through the internet to find fun, lively and inspiring imagery to share with their readers.
Apart from the blog, they also run an e-shop on Etsy which stocks their own original designs
and are really reasonably priced.
I’ve posted a few pictures of some of our favorite designs
but be sure to check out their blog and e-shop for yourselves.
We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like!"

"If you don't know about the Thailand based site, ANDWHATELSEISTHERE, then you probably don't know much about fashion blogging.
Not to be judgemental or anything, but... where the hell have you been?! Get on the interwebs right now, lady pie!
But first before you do... have a read of our exclusive interview with the two elusive girls behind this amazing fashion diary.
You'll be mesmerised by their beautiful photography, fashion styling and appreciation of all that is artistic.
They even have their very own capsule label, Temper Trap, as well as an Etsy store full of vintage pieces.
A moment on their blog will lead to hours of scrolling and will leave you seeing Thai culture in a totally new way.
It also doesn't hurt that they have amazing taste in music and always have ecclectic playlists on their site for your listening pleasure.
They've even given us the first ever look at their gorgeous faces seen in the public media."

"Custom clothing by ANDWHATELSEISTHERE, designed in Bangkok, is described best by their brand name!
Dresses, tops, blazers, and pants all unique with a retro flare make for an amazing wardrobe!"