wonderful fluidity in the soft shade with the gauze-like basics,
anchored by the unexpected combination of sheer embellishment.
simsim's "the villagers" fall 2012-13 collection screams thai tribal folk other-worldly and unpretentiously.
yet fused with elements that are inherently wearable to accommodate us regardless of the occasion.
the garments emphasize interesting geometric shape and craftsmanship
that is exhibited through fine fabric treatments and some visible handbeads.
embrace your wild side with its latest collection here.
Photo Credits: simsim


"dear tyler knott gregson,
all work and no play makes me a dull and repetitive young lady.
my unposted version of bali retrospection from last year (yes, that ancient)
should praise your soul much more alive than mine that has been long dead.
i will summon into mind how much i have always loved to swim,
and promise not to spend so much time treading illusional water and sinking my head over computer libraries.
fingers crossed,
- polluted."


we left you readers MIA and we ain't talkin where the rain played during the past week (thanks to F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S's inspiring phrase),
but our geeky speed is still running full-throttle.
enough with the long-lost promises and the empty words we committed for years.
wait no more, our new official online store is here.
rachael caringella of talk2thetrees drops a paint brush for once
to challenge her rocker self in shewolf velvet blouse in gray (dark gray available here)
while yasmeen of castle fashion gets all glammed up in sophisticated style with oakwood pintuck long sleeve blouse in red burgundy.
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truth be told, our lives are meant to go ham on a growing number of the concrete forests surrounding us.
and the only getaway methodology is to turn to our own visionary tram.
the internet is proved to be the puniest way to cure yourself with some greenery images. you're free to laugh and judge me.
this poignant pinner gets too obsessive. pathetic, isn't it?
Photo Credits: roost, andrew wyeth, black pool, inchmark, bernard plossu, lu yi, parker fitzgerald,
studded hearts, the heaving surface, chuck klosterman