we all have wishes for that childhood cinderella moment,
that point where we are met with all the oooh’s and aaah’s.
dressing up your dolls and wishing that those glamorous outfits were yours.
showered with complements of immaculate outfit where its magic sprinkles on any occasion,
my darling dolly collection of angelys balek is a perfect fit to what we would have just imagined.
the mix of sheer, smart, and yet feminine feature with pastel shades and soft prints combined with sepia undertone has all it got to say.
miss little doily with a cig in hand and a can of beer? permit the child to outgrow you in style here.
Photo Credits: Angelys Balek
*spice up your fingertips in style with nail art rhinestones from Tmart.com


i'm holding a weekend-themed party called 'sunday sepia' with yo choowa's photography.
despite the humbleness by claiming himself as "not a professional", i doubt if you could actually stop yourself
from pissing your pants browsing through his work.
the purity of calmness was close to salvaging my soul out of the body.
what equally tops it all is his use of thawan duchanee's wisdom as a prologue of his journal entry. here goes:
"do not seek for understanding, in the temple of mysterious.
feel them, my friends, from heart to heart.
do not ask the meaning of the stars in the constellation,
smile of the baby in the cradle of mothers,
sweet fragrance in the pollens of flowers.
it is the work of art!
my friends... in the deepest of my mystic mind, come closer to my spirit.
listen to my heartbeat, without word."
Photo Credits: Yo Choowa


nothing perks me up more than the unexpected visit to macau, 
a place where you can get lost forever apart from all the gambling. 
walking along the streets, witnessing the life scenes, and aimlessly capturing the neglected settings to our random rituals. 
the most harmonious perfection and a dash of charm combined in the absolute ordinary - far to the extent your eyes can travel.
why not singing the wanderer's tunes? 


being a subject of "overheating" condition, my scenario doesn't look half as graceful.
setting aside the pile of soaked tissue paper in hand, i'm escaping the flu for a dreamy taste of "rotsaniyom".
walking a pilgrim in style with surreal cosmos whilst being au naturel, if only i could be resistant to any killing weather.
now finding a way to master the pale look as this intergalactic goddess.
meanwhile, let the sunlight guide you the way here.
Photo Credits: Rotsaniyom


on-screen: tasteful and somewhat tacky online collective presence (if any)
off-screen: dysfunctional and unaccomplished faker with massively growing public segregation
social media inflates my wrongful self-belief. pinning and blogging assumption is proven altogether as a whole lot of mindfuck.
i'm pinning the interior i never live, the clothes i never wear, and the food i never eat. even the idea itself is adopted.
live the lie and pin with me.
Photo Credits: neonhide, word boner, nancy faust, might & wonder, job's wife
*side note - i'm using calm as "a place to relax". what is wrong with me?