local july rains are falling,
but the sun is shining brightly on the other end of the ocean.
beckoning us all to step outside than keeping mum and dull to ourselves,
shed our way to flirt with the trend.
whether it is with the choice of accessories or pairing more masculine pieces,
incorporate simple pieces to your wardrobe here and celebrate christmas in july sale before the holy spirit ever awakens.
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since my ipod was gone thrifted beyond possession, i then comfort myself each day to pucker up and fake the i-don't-care attitude.
usually without giving a dime over hipsteric food/celebrity/fashion-savvy retro-toned instagram,
wasan puengprasert's collective mobile snaps prove much pleasurable difference.
various shots of magnificence are hard to turn a blind eye on. front row photographer label guaranteed.
Photo Credits: Wasan Puengprasert


pardon my french overexaggeration.
funny how a certain fascination can feel so familiar within itself.
even when you are moving into a strange direction in a strange land, the isolated wind blow can accompany you along the way.
and now i know. the commonplace for the mind may not need to be intimate.
it says far much better with distance - to actually feel bonded in spirits than the close existence,
to feel happy even without moving the corner of your lips to smile.
only us to feel younger than yesterday, it is that easy.


forget the conventional method. ancha vika will set the modern burlesque record straight.
the brand fulfills our avant garde temptation of heavy embellishments with bright shades to the max.
a handmade stitch combination of velvet and silk texture or even a genuine leather imprinted with full embroidery
that man-slaughters the blandness is the obvious breakthrough.
pop your heads out and get fiercely freaky here.
Photo Credits: Ancha Vika