how could a misplace of humans be so enduring?
i am tempted to find a connection to such withdrawal.
the abyss called "earth" is too much.
Photo Credits: Yi Huisu


fragile flow while frolicking frantically.
the shadow on the light wall keeps chasing you in.
we get around the old guitar and leap with joy.
nothing is going down when you least expect it as they say,
let it break - it cannot be any worse.
the fear has been overcome. one fine summer is present.
rock on the light fabrics and sail the dreamy voyage here.
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i have always enjoyed watching the world through the lens,
but there are days when i want to stare at the scenes only with my eyes and nothing more.
so then, i have to be extra careful as the virtual stimulus keeps fooling me.
it might sound creepily "touchy" of me to feel for what adam sackler blasted at hannah horvath on girls' season finale,
"here’s the world's smallest tiny violin playing, "my heart bleeds for you"!
you don't know struggle. i’m a beautiful fucking mystery to you."
is it just me or also another way around?
i'm losing my remaining faith in my own sight. and somewhat humanity.
let's rather try some audible cracks.


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Photo Credits: Thea by Thara


a question after one another over any particular myth is endless.
between the jokes that poke right onto the strong believers and the curse behind the laughter of the ones against religious practice,
it's somehow uncertain to what good it does get.
that being said, the somewhat gratuitous miracle is beautiful when being unseen than foreseen - to what truth does it prove?
my curious mind blossoms.
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erwin blumenfeld, reece hudson, this is colossal


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