will you dare say flat lines are always a boredom?
i am actually welcoming the belgian landscape.
all the waves of chaos, hustling sounds, and bazaar fluctuation of the siamese life manners,
i am trading the bliss of confinement for a change. go figure.


infused by some sugar rush at times, my sour side has come down to the low level with this sweetening material eventually.
the magical memoir of brighton has brought about the modern-day princessa, pim ujjin, to define the charm called "twinkle secret".
the glamorous crown of love, light carousel-printed chiffon scarf, and girly chic apparels will melt your heart like fondue.
summer is permitting - unseal the noble myth here.
Photo Credits: Twinkle Secret


the eagerness that lingers through the lively lines of commutation between one place to another,
the moment in time to ponder while spirits are shuffling through you.
the goal that eventually turns into a very dim light in an instant after being fooled by its sparkling ray of wraith all the while,
there i have come to see; the whirlwind finally traps me to eat my heart out.
Photo Credits: Kriengkrai Prathumsai


crushed by the hollow voice of midnight choir, i am down to my very dangling soul of the good old february days.
"muddy river of loneliness
for the boredom of the road
with no sign of disrespect
for the dark and heavy load
for tomorrow"
popularity doesn't always do a sensible tune justice. so i choose to ditch it.
thankfully, the visuals seem knitted together. preferentially.


needless to say, the world has gone buzz and balls over brightly neon shade and full floral gardenia quite excessively.
so then it's our duty to represent what else that goes against the stream. we just have to be more arrogant of knowing better.
curated by ek thongprasert, the robinson crusoe of both extravagant design and complex treasury,
slashed the summer trendbook once again with the white purists of his "knockin' on heaven's door" collection.
rustic cropped jackets in nude shade, monochrome plastered embroidery, and form-fitting lace figure
through skinny cuts made a white stint on the leg like rock elites.
shall neutrality be the next best thing? go colorblind for once here.
*my love for you is the studded accessories and the stampede of reptile-textured hips. it's official.