lately, i want more time to spend on appreciating nature
whilst disconnecting from human creation and technology.
since i have become increasingly impatient with the complication around me,
i only crave for simplicity.
and i have tried little by little to banish what seems superficial or causes me unnecessary irritation.
i am bound to give them all in.
Photo Credits: chopchops, getweird, jomiho, laali, nateventure, ohhhlordy, shane lynam, ssynth, thomas hawk


as swinburne would use his best vitality skill to speculate the greatest yearly timing,
the winter's rains and ruins are proved to be over.
when blossoms and a light ray of sun are cherished,
we are being roasted daily here in the indochine equator.
38-41c, oh ha!, you name it. we need a splash.
already feeling red hot in the veins now and nudging over the bloody cruella dress.
flourish the lusty deeds here.
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jayhawks - blue
life consists of many favorite places.
one of my many favorites since young age is the airport.
there’s the feelings of having the whole world right in front of you.
seeing lovers swing one another through the air, husband murmurs to wife,
people jostle people, kids laugh and cry.
it also represents freedom to me, freedom of exploring the world.
my heart lifts whenever i watch a plane takes off.
i silently say, “take me with you!”, as i watch it disappear.