the childhood dreams on the vast sandy ground of oostende might help you relent my absence.
the chilly wind seemed harmless to the bone with the warmth of the best kids on earth.
the seashell collection, food frolicking, and the wave chasing were the best activies to say hello to the sun among the cool.
i'm looking for the great escape.


caribou - odessa
when the brit peeps are talking sophisticated matter, we are certain to shut up and listen.
this notorious caption of 'no ordinary designer label' entitled to ted baker puts our dull minds to rest for once,
and we have sprung to a new blissful sensation.
the weightless chiffon dress with flower bombing effect on the print, snakeskin rip wedges, and bow-tied embroidery pouch
fill up sophistication in our style adrenaline.
a gorgeous ted baker dress wins a must-have item this season.
but since ted baker also sells some beautiful short skirted dresses, why not tank your fashion fuel for more?
Photo Credits: Very


i'm sure we all have our mind full of stories that we want to share and write about.
but starting off is always the hardest thing.
today is the day when i sit in front of my computer and i don't know how to begin.
my inner self is sitting at the empty space,
empty of rhythm, intention or direction.
i closed my eyes,
thinking about stories that need to be told and need to be heard,
but sometimes it takes at least an hour, a real waste of time.
but that’s my way of getting going.
Photo Credits: Jirayu Rattanawong