the simplistic yet striking mod vibe exuding from patinya
is already enough to make my heart surrender to its unpretentious cool and uniqueness.
the draping goodness each piece possesses with its perfect invention
of urban sophistication and subtleness to every design make them so wearable.
we just couldn't resist sharing them to our little corner of the digital world.
Photo Credits: Patinya


i have a natural tendency towards the negatives,
it’s one of my many flaws.
i am worried, worried about everything and nothing more.
it’s exhausting, time consuming and sometimes miserable.
i wish it would stop and it’s going to stop.
but as they say old habits are the hardest to break.
but broken they will be.
Photo Credits: Caiti Borruso, Cherisse, Kennedy Garrett, Michelle


sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that real inspiration is not found staring at a screen.
instead it’s out there in the real world waiting for you to go find it.
for this week’s eye candy, i chose a set of pictures from which is now becoming my top list destination.
it's yogyakarta, indonesia.
now close your eyes, get on the plane, and enjoy!
Photo Credits: Potchapon Wattanagul