irina lazareanu - strange places
distinctive elegance spells romanticism.
the uttering words held captive within the urban aesthetic swinging by the draping maxi mood of flowy dresses,
chai gold label is carrying the luxe power of sensual sophistication.
the aw2012-2013 design is yet smooth and graceful with a soft acidity and enduring feel to prosper.
deceptively and secretively, the hidden agenda awaits to be explored.
a royal collectible does exist. find out more about the wild gold here.
Photo Credits: Chai Gold Label


all of you might be familiar with over-ambitious dreams.
they seem like a great idea at the start, but soon we find ourselves losing motivation or forgetting.
that is exactly how I feel now.
but if you think carefully, dreams are like the glimpse of what we wish for ourselves.
it whispers from our inner side trying to guide us to what we are truly capable of if we’re willing to put in enough energy and effort.
the end of january is not too late, just give yourself a pat in the back and take the first step towards the right direction.
Photo Credits: Andre Vautour, Beth N, Brianna Olsen, Kookamonga, Bruno Zhu


midlake - roscoe
little did i know how i jumped onto the wagon of simplicity that gets intensified with curiosity.
i feel the mere distance of something far out, but yet it seems so genuine and familiar.
miti ruangkritya makes all the snapshots worthwhile with all due respect to a life's innocence and the fruit of truthfulness.
let it be the impeccable scene of normality with no bearing attempt of changing its honest glory,
i will ensure to keep a close watch of his work with all my might. miti is definitely worth of a something.
Photo Credits: Miti Ruangkritya


if the sun can gather my soul as one,
securing an ambition into a solid substance wouldn't be hard to grasp and hold.
when the day is new,
i'll be looking at the sky like a virgin cherishing her profound dream.
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toast to the new year,
break the old mayan's belief to the end of the world,
and stay playful with our interview with smashion here.
enjoy. please.
Photo Credit: Smashion