being a subject of "overheating" condition, my scenario doesn't look half as graceful.
setting aside the pile of soaked tissue paper in hand, i'm escaping the flu for a dreamy taste of "rotsaniyom".
walking a pilgrim in style with surreal cosmos whilst being au naturel, if only i could be resistant to any killing weather.
now finding a way to master the pale look as this intergalactic goddess.
meanwhile, let the sunlight guide you the way here.
Photo Credits: Rotsaniyom


lusine said...

stunning photos!!!! amazing blog!

Meera said...

These photographs are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love this post!

xoxo, Meera

Lisa said...

gorgeous.. how come i never look this beautiful when it's hot.. i'm one sweaty hot mess hahahaha

Kat said...

wow wow wow these photos are sooo beautiful! absolutley amazing ;)


Joanna K. said...

i just found your blog!!love it i'm following!!
I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me what you think

Mary Kapsi said...

Gorgeous photos

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Anneka said...

Your blog is AMAZING, I can't believe that I have only just found you! So inspirational :) Definitely following right now x


Elegantesque said...

stunning inspiration



Elegantesque Blog

Zoobia said...

The third picture is my favourite. I love the sun lighting up the window, it's such a gorgeous effect.

PS-thanks for commenting on http://katemossdaily.blogspot.com
I appreciate the support <3

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Jackie G.Loves said...

Beautiful pics!


Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing pics!!! :)

marinecoe said...

These photos are just amazing.


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Ang Lam said...

Once again, such inspirational photos!!


Anneka said...

Stunning images as always, lovely the dreamy feel of this shoot.


AliƩnor said...

Amazing photos !!
love the flowers glasses!

xx ifoundmysoulmate

Mitha Komala said...

these photos are so stunning and inspiring, love! <3

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