i have always enjoyed watching the world through the lens,
but there are days when i want to stare at the scenes only with my eyes and nothing more.
so then, i have to be extra careful as the virtual stimulus keeps fooling me.
it might sound creepily "touchy" of me to feel for what adam sackler blasted at hannah horvath on girls' season finale,
"here’s the world's smallest tiny violin playing, "my heart bleeds for you"!
you don't know struggle. i’m a beautiful fucking mystery to you."
is it just me or also another way around?
i'm losing my remaining faith in my own sight. and somewhat humanity.
let's rather try some audible cracks.


Lisa said...

stunning photos i especially love the one of the phone booths!

inkarlcerating said...

i wish we have lens attached on our eyes that can capture the scenes we see


I wish I had the sharp lens that went into spike and stabbed the mirage that kept fooling me the whole damn weeks.

Joana said...

These photos are absolutely brilliant.

Marta. said...

wow! great photos. I can not decide which is the best:)
i've just added some new sketches:D you can see them on my blog, if you want ;)

Wardrobe Girls said...

seriously, these photos are so so incredible!


wardrobe girls


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Such great texture in the second photo.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous pictures. I like the variety you posted here.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Pilar Bernal Maya said...

Oh dear perfect pics for me.

Kaleido Mind said...

gorgeous photos!

Duck said...

I know what this feels like :( I often feel like I'm losing faith in humanity. But occasionally, very occasionally, one person does something that restores it.

Hold on.

Elegantesque said...

Very beautiful photos !



Elegantesque Blog

Render Sublime said...

these are really gorgeous photos, youve captured everything beautifully, well done xxxx


Style Hostess said...

sometimes nature surprises us with the most beautiful details that we don't usually see unless we take the time out and relax. like birds chirping. I find that super lovely every morning :) not all. not crows. haha


Style Hostess

Fashionloft8 said...

Beautiful photos xx