fragile flow while frolicking frantically.
the shadow on the light wall keeps chasing you in.
we get around the old guitar and leap with joy.
nothing is going down when you least expect it as they say,
let it break - it cannot be any worse.
the fear has been overcome. one fine summer is present.
rock on the light fabrics and sail the dreamy voyage here.
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Ramya said...

Each and every piece is gorgeous. The textures are so flowy and dreamy.


Joana said...

These flowy garments are so perfect.. I feel like reaching for them through my screen hehe

Bonnie said...

Every piece looks so feminine and ethereal. I really like this style.

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A Possible Fantasy said...

gorgeous pieces!

do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
see you around!


Lisa said...

gorgeous! i absolutely adore sweet, soft flowing chiffon dresses!!!

Marta. said...

very romantic and delicate! so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Those floaty fabrics and light shades look amazing, love it.

Thanks for the comment!
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yiqin; said...

you look amazing <3

Render Sublime said...

oh WOW! These are amazing shots, you look beautiful xxxxxxx


jamie said...

sigh... so pretty!

Elegantesque said...

nice photoshoots ! I like it !



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FashionCherry said...

stunning pictures, absolutely amazing.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

such a great pics, love the first dress! :)