sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that real inspiration is not found staring at a screen.
instead it’s out there in the real world waiting for you to go find it.
for this week’s eye candy, i chose a set of pictures from which is now becoming my top list destination.
it's yogyakarta, indonesia.
now close your eyes, get on the plane, and enjoy!
Photo Credits: Potchapon Wattanagul


Marijn said...

Great photos! I love the expressions.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Agreed, it's always best to be inspired not just by the sight of something, but by the smell, the sound, the ambience... The combination of it all.

yiqin; said...

really inspiring <3

Its Mine I Made It said...

WOW your pictures are always greaat. beautiful.
love, alex


Lisa said...

these photos are amazing!! gorgeous photography!

Angela Leberte said...

these photos are gorgeous!
i've always wanted to go to indonesia


Grace said...

This is actually on the top of my list of travel destinations!

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

your photos are so impressing! i really like them

Sandra Martinez said...

Thanks for your sweety coment :) I like this photos so much, specially the first one!!
A really great blog dear, ill follow your new posts :)
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thekellytang said...

wow very very true!! real inspiration is in the real world, not the screen!! :) I love photos of daily life, it fascinates me too, love these!

<3 Kelly

trouble.in.paradise said...

these photos are so beautiful

Angela See, Angela Blog said...

I actually just booked flights for my boss to go to indo, wish I could go too!

Thanks for visiting!
New post:Outfit catchup; twist and stripes

Style Servings said...

Wow, really stunning photos, they are all so beautiful!


ediot said...

couldn't agree more. these share reality, and the beauty in it. i really like the color in these photos
thanks for sharing


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tupersonalshopperviajero said...

your pics are always amazing

Femke. said...

Beautiful photos!!


noura. said...

even before reading what you wrote, i was going to say how inspirational these photos are

mercurymoonshineDutchess.wordpress.com said...

My eyes filled with glitter love dust as I read your post the sun split into a sizzling array of multicolored diamonds as waterfalls across the world twirled and tranced into a turquoise splash of joy, excellent post love to you and your blog X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess

karin said...

Great photos, I ´d love to visit this amazing place.I like your blog and I ´d love if you visit mine too.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

chanel said...

man! these photos make me yearn to leave the country!

xo chanel

Amy Jessica said...

These photos are beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing, beautiful blog - now following, hope you follow back!
much love


what a great post! its so true

Heather said...

You're right, experience are the most important thing. Next on my list is Greece!

Quinn B said...

I love your blog! These photos are really wonderful. Love the colours.