i have a natural tendency towards the negatives,
it’s one of my many flaws.
i am worried, worried about everything and nothing more.
it’s exhausting, time consuming and sometimes miserable.
i wish it would stop and it’s going to stop.
but as they say old habits are the hardest to break.
but broken they will be.
Photo Credits: Caiti Borruso, Cherisse, Kennedy Garrett, Michelle


Lisa said...

this is def a reminder to us all to focus on the positives in life!! :)

BlueNail Girl said...

Every pic you choose and post are amazing!!!!

Lori Anderson said...

Good for you -- but be kind to yourself when you DO worry. (I'm right there with you.)

Angela See, Angela Blog said...

That first picture made me smile, thanks :)

Thanks for droppng by!
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yiqin; said...

lovelphotos ,3

ediot said...

these are beautiful but sinister photos. i like them.
I think I feel the same way you do about music,
i have a tendency to like the sad and quite mellow songs more than happy ones..
hope you have a good weekend

The Velvet Scientist said...

Incredibly interesting photos, here and every other post. Thought-provoking. ;)


Its Mine I Made It said...

Your pictures are alaways an inspiration to me. aamaaaazinggggg
love, alex


Grace said...

I love how determined you are to rid yourself of the negative! :)

Love Grace.

Style Servings said...

Beautiful, love the photo of the girl in front of the window!


Sandra Martinez said...

Thanks for your coment, im so happy for it!!!
I really like this photos, they are so original and a good inspiration :)
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karin said...

I think it´s normal to worry, just remember that you are what you think.little by little you ´ll change it.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

linsey sijmons said...

I just LOVE your photography.
Just sent you an e-mail :)
Keep up the good work guys! I'm your newest follower!

With love,

Carolyn´s Photography said...

Beautiful and inspiring pictures, it´s like a dream...!


le pearl said...

A lovely picture setting. I am currently hurting inside from a breakup. I have been surprisingly more than I thought I would be. Possibly because I have been distracted. I hope for you to find a balance. Sometimes it just feels right to be sad, to be lonely. But life is about balance and too much just makes us too sick.


welcome to my jungle said...

Hi, thanks for your e-mail so I could discover your amazing blogs with the wonderful photographs.

It is really inspirational. That's why I follow you from now on via bloglovin.

- Dani


Anonymous said...

Wow I LOVE your blog, such great photos!

Jordan :)


Patricia Silvério said...

amazing :)

Adrià Machado said...

I love your photos!