midlake - roscoe
little did i know how i jumped onto the wagon of simplicity that gets intensified with curiosity.
i feel the mere distance of something far out, but yet it seems so genuine and familiar.
miti ruangkritya makes all the snapshots worthwhile with all due respect to a life's innocence and the fruit of truthfulness.
let it be the impeccable scene of normality with no bearing attempt of changing its honest glory,
i will ensure to keep a close watch of his work with all my might. miti is definitely worth of a something.
Photo Credits: Miti Ruangkritya


Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos!

Fashion Philosophy

K said...

These pics are so nice an mellow!!!!! they look amazing!!!

love K

Kdotorg said...

You write such beautiful words to accompany incredible photographs!

noura. said...

truly amazing.

TracyJackson said...

wonderful photos

Katia said...

wow, amazing photos!

pinkmate said...

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sophie said...

impressed by your ph´s, they r beautiful!


tupersonalshopperviajero said...

incredible pics. I Love them!

ediot said...

these photographs are really beautiful. i love how they capture life in a snapshot.. they feel so genuine and true to nature...
thanks for sharing

Its Mine I Made It said...

these pictures are sooo greatt. i love the background its stunning and the colors are very nice.
i tried finding the johnnys bird recent photoshoot you were telling me about that looked like my pictures but never found them.. do you know the URL?
let me know
love, alex


Lyrica Onyrica said...

deep black eyes, deep white background. love the photos and outfits,

i follow u now,

take a look to my shop, thank you!


chanel said...

wow...all so gorgeous. makes me want to jump on a plane!

xo chanel

Angela See, Angela Blog said...

Ahhh what a great visual escape, it's really hot here in Melb ATM but I'm stuck at work.

Thanks for the comment, chiffon=amazing floaty-ness.
New outfit post: Blue

mojomade said...

Hey this is cool - I especially love that pic of the guy jumping through the hoop - so cool! glad I stopped by your blog! I found it via Oracle Fox from a comment you left (I'm an Aussie blogger/artist/musician type too haha)
Anyways, keep smilin' and living large xx

❤ Morgan
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Ulia Ali said...

amazing pictures!

View From Heels

sc said...

Miti rules!

Mary said...

Some photos are pure inspiration!


Sandra Martinez said...

Your photos are gorgeous!! I love your blog, its so creative with wonderful combinations!! In my opinion a really good inspiration sweety :)
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follow me and i'll do the same, thanks darling :)

Anonymous said...

your photos are just jaw dropping amazing!