all of you might be familiar with over-ambitious dreams.
they seem like a great idea at the start, but soon we find ourselves losing motivation or forgetting.
that is exactly how I feel now.
but if you think carefully, dreams are like the glimpse of what we wish for ourselves.
it whispers from our inner side trying to guide us to what we are truly capable of if we’re willing to put in enough energy and effort.
the end of january is not too late, just give yourself a pat in the back and take the first step towards the right direction.
Photo Credits: Andre Vautour, Beth N, Brianna Olsen, Kookamonga, Bruno Zhu


sophie said...

so impressed by these pictures, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

such amazing pictures!
i'm in love!

Fashion Philosophy

Carolyn´s Photography said...

Very intrigant & dark pics.. good! I love them!


Its Mine I Made It said...

These pictures are real talent. amaaaazing photographyyy. stunning. thanks for the lovely comments. i love your blog. such a pleasure to read from you. and defff will put more DIY soon.
much love, alex


Victoria said...

You always have great photos :) and interesting posts :)

Michelley said...

Visiting from Etsy. Your photos are haunting and compelling, fantastic work!

Style Servings said...

Love these photos, there's such a cool mood to them!


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

You're exactly right, better late than never.


Chels said...

Wow, those images are so haunting.
I agree, it's not too late

Lori said...

love this set of photos, great blog!!

and great advice too ;)

...look closer

lucia m said...

love it!!!


noura. said...

kind of perfect.

GlamorousGirl said...



Coffee and Mo said...

Wow what an amazing and inspiring blog. I absolutely love all the pictures here.

Katia said...

Great post, I love the photos and your nice words

ediot said...

i really like the way you put together your posts.
these photos are very interesting. a bit scary in a strange way, but interesting
thanks for sharing
happy weekend


yiqin; said...

lovely photos <3

runawayinla said...

Stunning photos that are eeringly beautiful. I love it! This line is my favorite: "Dreams are like the glimpse of what we wish for ourselves." Thanks for the inspiring post! :) I can say I dream too much sometimes that I sleep in reality....


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

That's how I view it too. Willingness plays a big role here.