aa bondy - rapture (sweet rapture)
the utmost joy i wish to gain from this festive season is not impossible.
the reserved feelings away from the loud sneer and sheer plus some cozy sensation from the loved ones are more than enough.
a good book is a tool to achieve in which i have been lack of reading one as much this year.
so i am more than gay to provide you some food for thoughts in this last day of 2011.
multiple credits to the reading room for awakening my curious instinct once again.
i can compare this place as a man who is ready to give a total stranger a seat on a busy train without any hidden agenda.
even most phony people around may laugh at him, and even question if such an innocent motif ever exists.
"grey imageries" and "ai weiwei speaks" have chanted their inspirational magic which i hope to be claiming them soon on a wish list.
happy holidays, people. spend them well.


why establishing the knowledge of dropping the same old brand names?
turn the regularity down south and bend over to a new multi-label online store, UNESTABLISH.
ardt, pauline ning, and yahn adam have already been driving us on a wheel.
hold your breath, roll your tongue, and go lalala with our collaboration with the shop for a SG$50 voucher giveaway.
conditions are;
1. follow us on google friend connect AND bloglovin'
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the contest ends on december 26, 2011 at midnight - us standard time. tie your fingers crossed real tight!
Photo Credits: UNESTABLISH [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]


right from the first blink, we knew this had gotta be one of our virtual collectibles.
masha terehova mixes the vibrantly sassy living creatures and places them into the normal daily scenes that are easily negligent.
manifesting some quirky attitude adds up alluring charm to her pictorial ingredients.
come crack your enthusiasm with her mockery tone here.
Photo and Video Credits: Masha Terehova


my brightest diamond - disappear
when the flame is turning dim,
i choose to allow myself being cut by these sharp eyes.
just so when it bleeds, you will still be able to feel something. anything at all.
Photo Credits: NuYou (Singapore) October 2011, 10 Magazine No.41 November 2011, Susana Monaco,
South China Morning Post Style Magazine November 2011, Numero China December 2011, Schön Magazine September 2011


my most honest post ever. and this has nothing to do with you.
i once read this quote about a white crayon.
this person was questioning an existence of a white crayon among the line of all these colorful crayons.
like why was it there? what did it want from people due to its existence?
"I" feel like the white crayon. sometimes.
i get tired of trying to stand out and be interesting with all such an attempt of looking merry and colorful and shit.
i am another soul searcher through just another online blog.
i am spending my anonymity and trying hard to be outstanding behind the laptop screen.
until recently, i feel like retiring. from all these facebook photos to act like you're interesting among your friends - your real-world friends.
or even a retweet, tweet, or twat for whateverfrigginreason just so you have many things to say.
i guess i am just better off acting uninterestingly demure on this blog.
even though it remains so secretive people wouldn't really give a damn anyway.
it's already too much work for me.
now i know what it's like to be in a close world where you don't really need real people at all.
and that's how i like it. it's irrational. and it's sick.
ps. please don't find any logical thinking behind this delusion. you can discuss, but i don't have an answer.