end of the shopping spree? who cares!
it's not over til we say it's over.
we would rip your wallet off with our cyber knife. let the holiday sale continue.
frida johnson totes around with our canvas travel bag in green - yellow and navy blue now available.
"holiday" code for 10% off every item. further reduction to 15% when buying two items or more.
drop some dime on the bucket. stuff up your winter stock in our bags. spend your pennies here.
Photo Credits: Fyndigt


voxtrot - missing pieces
if you find ashton kutcher less convincing when comparatively rolling back to his old mtv's punk'd show days,
let me rephrase.. both kutcher and mtv are just some bunch of gauche bags anyway.
you can deffo count on yougo jeberg, doesn't the name wow you already?
the footpalm face, the sidestreet pee, and the fully-clothed dive.
this parisian-turned-new yorker snaps all these shots and smashes them all to your face like big vodka strokes.
our youthful days are relished by 132%.
just like taking a walk outside and seeing the mess we've made. (voxtrot is sharp.)
spank yourself and say 'you|go' here!
Photo Credits: Yougo Jeberg


the break-a-wallet phrase is about to start for everyone,
and here we are to make sure that the vintage pieces from the last era must go.
strike that 70s' show? you'll make the hit.
give plaids a chance and fill your closet with retro lines of the old sassy days this fall.
pay a visit to our sections of tank tops for more bright prints and days-old-look-anew pants.
stand out of the crowd and be one of a kind!

introducing our new muses of the month!
joanna glogaza from styledigger is a polish master of layering with a serious case blazer
while rocking the sporty chic sensation in another cool fab look.
never miss out kristy elena of vogue gone rogue moving towards the urban chic sophistication
pondering the "to belt or not to belt" issue with the blue ephemera dress.
get bewildered and cozy up with the wardrobe joy right here.
*10% off code: "ANDWHATELSEISTHERE" applies.
Photo Credits: Styledigger, Vogue Gone Rogue