sea wolf - leaves in the water
another disappearance is worth a big slap in the face, we know.
the ghoulish water creep is haunting our lives daily. survival is more than essential at this time.
as we tend to adjust ourselves and accept the course of nature, things are getting back more on track - as of now.
still, this is our halloween. it is no celebration, it is real.
Photo Credits: the black eyes, occult


tim o'connor - who stole the isopropyl alcohol
the water is outweighing us, the burden is unbearable.
roofs covered with heavy rain rivers, people and animals getting drowned, and spirits going downhill.
millions of thai people and other fellow southeast asians are suffering the pain of disastrous flood at this very moment.
donate now at the thai red cross society to heal the wounds for every flood victim.
your kindness will always be remembered.
Photo Credits: papertissue, left hand cuts the right, the cherry blossom girl, meggarsaurus,
withit chanthamarit, we live young, piccsy, vanilla scented, stine sampers


"we figured we'd have to create our own space."
this sounds too familiar to our case.
who would have ever thought that panyee island would have such an awesome local youth football team
despite all the ocean surrounded and the landscape so limited?
nothing ever beats a try.
check this inspiring vdo for what would give you a heartwarming sensation.
we are not all about what is made to be beautiful.
the spirit of hard work is yet the true beauty.
Video Credit: Panyee FC by the Leo Burnett Group Thailand for Adman Awards 2011


hindi zahra - from inside to outside
allow us to break the phony entity of materialism and trade some food for thoughts.
evoke the spirit of human nature by the empowering images of duangtawan sirikoon's propelling camera sights in india.
"in the beginning in the state of flood there was neither matter nor non-matter, neither being nor non-being.
at that time there was neither the sky nor the space nor anything beyond.
there was no life anywhere nor any source of pleasure.
what was there? and where? what was the power?
at that time even the solemn water did not exist.
there was neither death nor immortality, neither night nor any notion of the day.
at that time only one, i.e. Brahma, imbued with energy in his nature was there and nothing else existed.
darkness was hidden inside darkness and the existence was unknown."
- Sutra 129 of Riga Veda's the 10th mandala
Photo Credits: Duangtawan Sirikoon

it's just never easy to quit the self-obsession mania, like totally, you ask?
check out myer's spring summer bloggers of the week profiles on 2threads, the Australian-based one stop for all that's fashion.
what else to relish? we are included!
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