kudos to Club21 team - Avipa & Kosin - thank you!

'tis. is. red rad. PERIOD.

drum rolls, please. here comes the dethronement of all sloppy rituals (of ours, that is).
the endless "day number five of a three-day outfit" idea in front of a laptop needs to end.
at this point, we are way too sure there shall be no better shoulder to lean on than ck Calvin Klein.
the grandeur tada is an honorable opportunity to have collaborated with Club21
on the brand's fall 2011 project for our own major style revamp.
please smack us hard in the faces, but the wardrobe tour was way too enjoyable.
a long line of clothing rack full of clean-cut apparels to choose from should be considered a new holy way of life,
we can definitely imagine living in one.
strictly cool, yet sexy, and simple are forever the fine adjectives used for its design.
don't get minimalism the wrong attitude of boredom though. check that reptile-goes-digital print and textured red dress, much self-explained.
less is more? let's just carry on to the less.

blinds unfold, hold your breath, the result is final.
for certain types of lazy bums like us, we never want to spend too much time to dressing up.
we love the fact that the clothes wear well on any circumstance - no fuss in trying too much to impress. the message is delivered.
basically just pull up one piece, mix it all up with one another, and the perfection is right there.
it is evident that ck Calvin Klein already did the deeds - much impressive one through its precise fit and linear shape.
thanks to the generosity for a style tryout by Club21. a newfound glory of fall inspiration is accomplished.
*note-to-self: download Club21 mobile app for more trend updates then hit the sheets.
Photo Credits: Club21 (Thailand)


wouldn't it be nice to oust yourself from a regular grunge tee and ripped denim shorts just for once, and maybe for all?
when the hot and sweaty days of summer have passed, it's the right time to go sleek and elegant.
what ck Calvin Klein has got it all going on this fall 2011 is the 100% sophistication at no pretentious effort.
the minimal style is affirmatively bold through the architectural draping lines while enjoying the pleasure of layering full effect
of fur coat on cashmere or wool pieces and wildly strutting leather jacket on digital reptile pattern.
solid base colors like white, pale grey, and black remain the key to intrigue
whereas the clean-cut red and jewel blue accents somewhat make the fun-filled vibe to the overall look.

we are marking the angular shapes of saddle leather bags to hold, toned pumps de pumpin',
and the monkstrap shoes (men footwear still won't break our craving, obviously).
say bye to flirtatiously sexual exposure, it's all about class.
no surprise why ck Calvin Klein timelessly reigns the urban king of all simplicity,
the design successfully interprets that we are the style directors of our own.
let the pure and precise mantra wear you here.
Photo Credits: Club21

spottiswoode - nice girl
better not let the spark fade, right?
be prepared for the surprise tomorrow. hint is quote unquote wardrobe invasion!


our minds are way too wiggly with lust where our brains can barely ever get concentrated on anything,
especially when it's off the topic of myer's spring/summer collection.
the themes of colour clash, desert boom, riviera and safari society all make up the fantastic four for any sunny inspiration.
it's the absolute refreshment frolicking the windy blow among the desert in sexy poses,
playing afar with the flowy volume of dress textures whilst letting the sun shine brightly on the golden accessories.
a bit of bohemian chic vibe to rock with knitted wedges and tanned fringe hobo bags wouldn't kill either.
let's dream the experience more clearly and shop on at myer.
Photo Credits: Myer


the exploration of avant garde stellar begins.
an odd discovery to where the sun and the moon align, the place avidly exists.
a new fascination of accessory line that comprehensively amuses us in this evening hymn sung by lillian shalom,
our inspiration just runs dramatic.
let's cherish the experimental culture mixed with hypnotic statement through the gold serpent, the symbolic tahitian pearls,
the blissful solitude of bewitching rock that sparkles, and the captivating sign of magically ancient peace form.
"Live by the Sun † Love by the Moon", enchant the verse here 6,478 times.
Photo Credits: Lillian Shalom


the middle east - blood
it sucks everytime to look at pictures through a screen,
and question myself if i were really there, breathing like i never could in this artificial city of wannabe and neverwere.
should there be any pill to trap me in an illusional world of non-stop vacation,
i am more than certain to take a double dose.


this all-time michigan angel/graphic designer by day, tieka dierolf, looks adorably sexy in our naked fantasy top.
it is indeed a talent to recreate complements of adventures, country-side scenes, and cheerful style all at once.
and that is indeed the joy the readers get to receive from her continuous posts.
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interrupted by our own course of narcissistic personality disorder,
we wouldn't let some PR moment off hands by some nice cherishing words from luello blog. we mean, why so?
if you're in for some originality by contemporary brands through jeans and other casualwear for both men and women,
this luello online shop with rock revival and william rast (being named a few) is perfect for you. clicka clicka!
Photo Credits: Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, Luello