laura nyro - desiree
"i miss you..mom"
the most tragic event of every melancholy story is about to be told.
such sorrow will always be infinite no matter how much you desire to bury it deep inside you.
the erasure of sadness is just inefficient even at such utmost attempt. the pain can never be healed.
browsing the truthful moment of krittapas suttikitttibut's album, the inner soul screams inside the body
just how badly one craves to rewind to the good ol' times and only wishes the most important one would return.
for the sake of her life. for the sake of her soul. for the sake of being happy again.
even though she never ever really will.
Photo Credits: Krittapas Suttikitttibut


the style cult for minimal mix of grunge rock obsession never seems to expire for our personal taste.
we are telling you, the badass attitude here is way too cool.
not just another regular manila sidestreet watch, the urban pride of proudrace keeps our heart racing too soon.
going to the full length of modern draping and multi-layered coats through a touch of maxi lining with dramatically holy mocking prints,
the aw2011 "heartcore" collection slams the table hard by its conceptual theory
of twisting the usual public expectation into being more than just another independent brand.
the inspiring souls behind this filipino line, rik and pat, are kind enough to offer a 20% discount code*
of "andwhatelseisthereasia" in favor of our loyal stalkers to the new opening of their online store.
turn up the volume of mr.cobain's screeching wheels of sound, and come get some here.
Photo Credits: PROUDRACE
*discount applies to new arrivals only.


i am a master of building imperialistic house of isolation against all odds.
the condition of lying still somehow means close to pushing yourself afar back.
the rambling energy of the surroundings, the drive of other focus to move forward,
and all those pressuring crap kind of drag down the beauty of now.
my imaginary whirlwind comprehends me to enjoy the lonesome illusion. probably mistakenly.
i am aware, i am fully aware. but do i really care? heck no.
or maybe, just maybe, i do.
Photo Credits: left hand cuts the right, meggarsaurus, lamour et la violence blog, half girl, masha bespaleva, ikebana,
chelsea hay rickman, the snail and the cyclops, miss wallflower, parpadeo