typhoon - cpr/claws pt.2
"as long as you're waiting
since you have nothing to do with your hands,
you might as well pray.
i am no god-fearing man but i am afraid
of something that i cannot quite explain."
the faith that lies within the balinese souls are superstitiously powerful and attractive.
the natural fertility surrounded the norms forces a great self-realization in every step taken down to the holy water.
the refreshing emotion overwhelmed by the beauty spontaneously combines your own self into one with the sacred temples.
the belief is strong and significant. the old charm of hindi influence is always there.


edith piaf - la vie en rose
something about the romantical vibe of kwankao's spring summer 2011 collection tickles our mind to return to its lookbook repeatedly.
must it be the vigorous sensation of edith piaf's dangling voice that keeps calling us back to la vie en rose?
how would the water paint prints splatter across our canvas of imagination so spontaneously?
the entwined sign of 40's era makes the voyeurism so lightly palpable and dreamy.
book a trip by the time machine, fill the musical notes on some roughly aged paper, and drift here.
Photo Credits: Kwankao


inspired by the dimensional illusion from "the tree of life" which we'd much rather keep it as just a plain outcome of illusion,
we suggest you'd prefer the collective lonesome shots of tempting movements by ausadavut sarum.
the reconciliation of life where he proclaims to be his expertise proves the spectacular pieces of artwork in real angles.
his view will never become obsolete. his photos only keep our hearts growing fonder despite the gloomy isolation.
check his work out here. the amount of posted photos guarantee the goodies. OBVIOUSLY.
Photo Credits: Ausadavut Sarum


degrees - idiot dreaming
the cornerstone where the quarter is about to turn to another day.
the pitch fall of what is the primary subject makes usage of the so-called routine caliber seem so irrelevant.
there is not much guilt to be reconciled,
you just continue to grow the desire of breaking through out of the deep woods.
the isolation is clear. the temper does trap our words.
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ps. i am in the verge of idiot dreaming. hardcore.

we love frederikke toftsø for her effortlessly chic vibe and simple style.
that honest signature laugh, the clean danish inspiration, and her straight blond hair are such cool character combined without being all overdone.
gotta send the love out to her cute outfit post with our vintage stiletto heels forever vintage top. only comes out as one-of-a-kind piece.
looking gooooooood good? dig our vintage retro prints here.
Photo Credits: Fredes Blog