a brief recap of my two-week disappearance with joyful illusion playing non-stop roll over and over in my brain.
the sunny soul gets sprinkled again with deep faith and silent prayers in bali - the island of hindu gods.
the whirlwind power of magic - it's all in the air, the field, the hills, and the sea.
clasping the tiny fingers altogether, i'm letting the beautiful force taking over.


easily trapped by the whimsical effect of illuminating styling talent,
we fall deeply victimized by this grim but gorgeous result of magic spelled by jutharat w. abildtrup.
the brush of blurry faded scheme combined with victorian-inspired mix of modern outfit authenticates the beauty of classic charm.
dip to the antique pool of dream. we will let our minds stay afar.
Photo Credits: Jutharat W. Abildtrup


there aren’t enough hearts to express how much we adore this senada s/s 2011.
the fusion of elaborated colors and the experimentation with fabrics and textures create a dream collection for all closet cravers.
the identity is still preserved at the core of summery pastel and the brush of feminine-printed fantasy.
the design parlour has come to no waste. see and enjoy the sensual palette here.
Photo Credits: Senada


"again. another self-obsessed, sea-crazed, and imagery disturbia of these witches."
yet again, we're afraid your suspicion is valid. and oh so true.
terribly in need of some good wanderlust, the fingers automatically clicked "booked" on the flights with free will.
one off to bali where another shall reshuffle back to malaysia.
two more weeks and we will make you cum with vacation fantasy.
sampai jumpa.
Photo Credits: brief magazine, nadya ka, fargyml, pope saint victor, raben schwarz, sannah kvist, thisisnotnew,
muse magazine, dirty blonde, david hamilton, ami scheepers, aela labbe


to witness southeast asia's enticing attractions and charm is our voluntarily delightful duty.
the exotic authenticity of architectural aesthetics combined with mystic culture and day-to-day life wonder is our one-of-a-kind signature.
it's the pleasure to explore the missteps in different lands and render marvelous chance of capturing the city clusters.
quick memo to our singaporean and malaysian readers;
if we happen to snap some scenes of your neighbourhood, a shout-out will be much appreciated.