let yourself be led to the choral music that has been sung along the orchestral passage of romantica elegance.
spoil the desire to wander in the dim light and dire emotion of lonely woods with tutti.
the classical touch is spawn again in the post millenium of soft chiffon, knits, and lace.
step into the mystic era of vintage-inspired pieces and allow your dream to set afloat here.
Photo Credits: Tutti


been under the weather so this underwater elegance kind of explains the locked feelings buried within the sick body.
the movement in a vague disambiguation is explicitly spectacular,
and "beneath the surface" perfectly surrounds the sophistication of flows with grace.
props to pasin auttayatamavitaya for his virtual maturity. we'd love to see more alike.
Photo Credits: Pasin Auttayatamavitaya


starfucker - rawnald gregory erickson the second
let us assure you that the most vibrant energy can be accomplished despite the setting of a parking lot in front of the chinese graveyard.
try placing a social animal in a very humble and silent scene without any tune of dance music,
my friend could get rolling instantly even with the still walls behind.
we just enjoy the representation of a person's truest self and this must be it.
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grouper - heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping
we prefer feelings to understanding for now.
it is indeed difficult to identify the motif behind every whimsical shot within this album.
oh well, trust us. this is certainly worth it to stay mysterious.
we need not to recall the unknown.
let's just hide in the mist. we'd rather be friends with our own isolated shadow.
Photo Credits: Chayanut Ratanachai


we say wow with a big thrill to be featured in sportmax code (max mara group)'s webmagazine called way of women (aka wow).
the italy-based project aims to showcase today women's way of life and build an information platform
with comprehensive discussion forum connecting women all around the globe.
inspiration gets sparked through feminine perspectives across different fields of art, design,
photography, architecture, music, style, editorial, and et cetera - you name it.
the perpetually great eye views by annie leibovitz and the young style spirit portrayed by ada kokosar
are the what-not-to-miss for some good grave examples.
work up your mind to the site, and read our interview here.
Photo Credits: Way of Women


steer clear from the fakery and the leers,
go back to the place that formed your inner self.
it's the least complex form of sustainability.
that warm and familiar boredom will awaken your world that's been dead in the younger years.
the easy life, the faith, and the wonder - we wish thou shall stay.