radiohead - reckoner
solitude is not just the bliss that the only son possesses.
its style mantra is sharply declared through the brand's minimal concept with a fierce tone.
never mind the spring overdose since a flip back to its autumn/winter 2010 collection insistently engraves our madness
towards structural form and beats the sensation to the graduation of heart-pounding movement.
beyond its reversible jacket o' thy moment that leads to a fashion controversy,
it is relevant to intensify the design with acute scenes of editorial images in subsequent manner.
put your curiosity in exile and march down your unisex steps to here for more.
Photo Credits: The Only Son (AW 2010) photographed by Piyatat Hemmatat

it is unfortunate for you readers to be the victims of our narcissism.
but we are proud to announce to you that we worship self-endorsement, like, wholeheartedly.
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shit like this happens with us all the time. bangkok and timbuktu are just indifferent?

a gloomy sunday with various black and white atmospheric scenes.
some eerie emotion mixed with my usually lazy drift as a weekender.
it was brutal to feel bland and empty, but you cannot do much about it. hardly really.
Photo Credits: encursiva, laura makabresku, inès, brief magazine, stine sampers, mtv, the killing moon, sophomore, crystal duck,
left hand cuts the right, cigarette stained lines, from up north, here we go again


butthole surfers - whatever (i had a dream last night)
"men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together.
but the creator is the man who stands alone."
may ayn rand's philosophy inspire this vintage proposal to you now on our store.
stand out of the crowd. allow the prints to wiggle your mind.
let your wallet out of the comfort zone, give your closet some retro dignity here.
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reading the nytimes can complete the hipsteric charm despite a zero knowledge to whatever happens in the big apple. AT ALL.

does my unwashed hair look any "jen brill" kind of vibe to you? like any weenie bit?

i am saying hi to what is going to be mine. well, only for a short while.
my (usually monstrous) dear good friend is ever so kind enough to lend me his dad's old lens from the very ancient era.
i never ever really thought of investing in any lens before.
but like whoa, i couldn't deny the magical power of paying extra for additional tool.
it's like the lens has this superstitious power of adding up big bonus to these random shots of nothing.
the metaphor must be in the means of a very regular wannabe grabbing hold of dean & deluca's cup of coffee
and feeling hipsterically grande like the olsen twins.
i am having this greed, that kind of greed of wanting to have something above the budget line
and feeling sorry to the wallet thereafter for the rest of the month.
we cheap trolls have always been relying on the freemium. is it just about time?


broken social scene - sweetest kill
our appreciation towards fashion editorials never runs obsolete.
another surface of these shots is just too difficult to remain solid.
pisid whangvisarn's dimentional photographic terminology pinpoints the sharpening angles of landscape and overheating volcano burning scenes.
striking textures and crazy layers portray an immense view of infinite convergence.
salute the monochromatic arena here for more.
ps. thanks to tea & sand for posting broken social scene's tune.
it's been a haunting ghost to our sonar system since 7am too.
Photo Credits: Another Surface by Pisid Whangvisarn