door121: exclusive interview with ANDWHATELSEISTHERE (sydney, australia)

aimee jenny song: the oakwood blouse in eggshell and the lace dress with liner (san francisco, united states of america)

ustrendy: featured seller (los angeles, united states of america)

kira aderne: rock on the golden era vintage shirt (recife, brazil)
it's true. you can't call yourself a secret if you can't keep it.
say hurrah to the public display of self-promotion and the new site layout!
for the first time out of the anonymous shadow, our faces are now shown on the australian-based fashion database site
called door121: the interview, next up to anna wintour and carine roitfeld on the front page.
eff the what, we wouldn't dare.
save the media vomit you want to puke at us,
just that we could never thank you readers and followers enough with all the support we got throughout the recent year.
to show some gratitude, we are now providing a 10% discount off every piece in our shop
by entering either one of the codes; ANDWHATELSEISTHERE, SONGOFSTYLE, or KIRAFASHION before checking out.
new collections will keep flowing. the wind of change will keep blowing.
the giveaway promo will keep coming. you guys will keep checking back.
enough yada yada. read our feature, spend the bucks with any of the discount codes here, and stay tuned for the best that is yet to come!
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monkeytemplebraceletscaveforestprohibited sign
illiteracy is the world's major issue, illiterally.
boatsjames bond islandfishermen villagesky1docksky

lemolo - whale song
"if i had a boat, i'd go out on the ocean.
and if i had a pony, i'd ride him on my boat."
there is nothing to object with lyle lovett's musical verse.
even if there was a new year storm trembling the sky in phang nga, i'd still have no regret.
even if there were to be too many hungry cave monkeys begging for free bananas, i'd still pretend to be kind.
even if there was a shrill wail of hard wind banging on me making it impossible to stand steadily on punyi island,
i'd still bare myself for a good whatfor.
anything in the world that keeps me free from commitment, i will take the chance.
photo canvas1photo canvas with logo
since we are a bunch of easy old bums who never print out our images and do proper photo collages,
being rewarded to have our own images captured in neat canvas prints was a big thrill.
the london-based photo canvas/bags of love people were kind enough to make our dreams come true by creating our photos from krabi post
and modifying them into these impeccable canvas treasures.
highly recommended for you photo freaks to have some memory sets on hand.
all images can be personalized into bags, books, boxes, and even bedding!
there are actually more. try, try, try!


many reasons to yell oh my frock! with this outfit post;
1. bangkok's cold summer was the new wonder. it's not typical to have a cool wind of 16c
amidst the supposed-to-be very hot season of march in this tropical zone.
(we know we are some frigid pussies with such small chill comparing to what you guys have.)
2. a great excuse to pull out these tuxedo coat and light brown & black stripe pattern dress
by this hong kong-based modernized multi phrase of fabulous fashion label store called oh my frock out of the closet.
this online shop offers various fashion-forward pieces from head-to-toe without having to jeopardize your wallet.
screw the budget constraint. big discount is now offered in the store.
let yourself loose and enjoy the chic spree here.

in other news, you readers may be somewhat familiar with this face of our dear good friend, rosie from wm management.
she's been modeling our clothes from the start.
please support her on this determined route of modeling adventure on supermodel me, and be a fan on her page.


dave rawlings machine - method acting/cortez the killer
all our minds are made of blood and soul. we must document our love.
don't let ignorance stop your will against a good cause.
please click on our upper red toolbar and donate now to doctors without borders or any other relief funds
for the sake of all victims from japan quake and tsunami incident.
ain't no disaster ever conquers generosity. only kindness will rule the world.
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the eye on the envelope was a caravan of little spectacular pieces to shine.
little foxy phenton jumped over the swedish border fence to entertain us with all its might.
equipped with adorable unicorn earrings and wire coat hanger necklace,
we just can't keep silent for these ten thousand times of cuteness anymore.

the comical lines with a set of cartoonish style behind the creators of phenton got us lost in attraction.
the fun vibe of these adorable accessories made us all giggle and tinkle with its design.
em and ida tell a tale of optimistic mood and prove it outright that quirkiness is the new coolness.
check out their inspiring wonderland and shop here.
Photo Credits: Phenton


holly miranda - waves
time for a visual interpretation from our inconsiderate thoughtless brains with plenty of rooms but no view.
some passionate emotion to spare along with personal encounters all fall through a matter of miscellaneous moments.
words are just impossible. and too horrible. oh whatever.
Photo Credits: julia, niotillfem, wildfox, alison scarpulla, fabien pochez, elle serbia november 2010, chelsea shay rickman,
9gag, hollis brown thornton, from up north, thisisnotnew