tying ourselves down to some local jewelry design that bangs right through our indecisive hearts can be some exhausting job.
but there we see no problem with jogema, the exquisite brand with a well-refined geometric shape of classic bling-bling to flaunt.
a bit of antique heritage with daringly explosive fuse can never go wrong.
already obsessed with this sexy vid clip of a chessboard battle competing with their tough gadgets on fingertips
through smokin' hot movement of every accessory on the rounds.
our heartbeats bang loud with this competitively striptease rhythm and go wham.
the brand is super slick. check out bangkoksmiths store for more.
Photo & Video Credits: Bangkoksmiths


take the magnificent steps of royal retreat to bang pa-in summer palace.

my dear bougainvillea, why are you so whimsical?

every man should thrive to lead this scene at the end of the day.

a restoration of memorial elegance is acknowledged.
feeling in awe of the grandiose vast landscapes, the shining heavenly abode,
and the brightly-painted lookout tower along the pavillion throughout the history.
the charm of this monarchical state function exultantly rejoices the glory days of this ancient capital called ayutthaya.
dare i say it's true, the beauty of culture never ceases to amaze.


sonic youth - superstar
normally, we are not so fond of pink.
truthfully, we despise pink to guts.
but since it's valentine's and we have to bear our souls not to be some angry old spinsters without a life,
liz wolfe's sardistically cute photographs make the forced mush and gush over this very hearty day less nauseous.
let's be less forced this valentine's and get your inner torture moved here.
Photo Credits: Liz Wolfe


weezer - el scorcho
all of a sudden, our thursday has become another 90's fetish for anything that's off the radar beyond the millennium.
tracking back to all grunge sounds while acting like some cyber pretentious hipsters might never sound too cool.
but whatever with this almighty, we did suck good.
Photo Credits: bangeli, wildfox jeans, ben trovato, viktor vaulthier, the cobrasnake, lefthandcutstheright, facehunter, frou frou,
hardtoexplain, foam magazine


please educate us how to sob through the tears with tao's mod chic cut wandering the pleasant streets of japan.
mihara yasuhiro's layering master even tops up the charm of her route to the crowded oriental streetwise.
depression should be out of the game thus far on this view.
so what else to fret about with such an easy day on a graceful delight like this one? being dazed and confused?
Photo Credits: "The Sorrow of the Beautiful Woman" by Marlene Marino (Dazed and Confused February 2011)


with a rosey bead and the mildly tender eyes despite its size of an eagle,
a phoenix is reborn from its own ashes to an immortal destiny.
that was how voltaire summoned the flying creature in his poetic ways.
may we allow toni francesc's fashion sense to interpret the mythical sacred firebird in his own AW2011 collection, GARUDÀ.
the flaming shades of orange, red, and gold are burning our hearts out with his delicately modern lines of silk and wool.
his magnificent collection shall emerge at mercedes benz fashion week new york and lincoln center on february 12, 2011, in the studio at 21.00hrs.
revoke the ancient story alive in the modern phrase here.
Photo Credits: +34 Pressroom