a roll of honour in memory of the unforgettable grief from the second world war,
to thousands of lost souls buried in the kanchanaburi war cemetary.
"i shall not see the shadows,
i shall not feel the rain;
i shall not hear the nightingale
sing on, as if in pain:
and dreaming through the twilight
that doth not rise nor set,
haply I may remember,
and haply may forget."
- christina rossetti, "when i am dead, my dearest"


we come to have found a secretive genius of distant view. it's ye rin mok.
her mysterious angles are so alluring that can send some cold chill up to the spines of passerby like us.
looking on another way around, the anonymity kind of brings comfort too, don't you think?
Photo Credits: Ye Rin Mok Photography


a preview of photo album to adore,
let's witness some beauty portraits of a pro.
surachai saengsuwan's utterly extravagant captures are so alluring that they evoke the powerful soul in a model's facial structure very naturally.
feeling close to accomplish your own delirious fantasy. scarily eclectic. that must be it.
so and so, there is always more to wonder here.
Photo Credits: Surachai Saengsuwan


just can't deny the fact that we are a couple of tropical animals,
so most of our posts are always misleading to spring/summer collection from time to time.
yet again, nuj novakhett's flashy colors and playful shapes appear in a high concept of bright sunny daylight to come.
mini chic dresses glamorously emerge in style while looking totally clean-cut in a way.
make a lively run to here for more.
Photo Credits: Nuj Novakhett Spring/Summer 2011


prepare the mind for some thai boxing. here's the matches for the day.

the audience was even more violent than the boxers themselves. watch out for this one.

my eyes went off the stage in the later half to this guy.
a new sports crush? not exactly.
the fact that he was "really" into the match just caught every audience's attention, including me.
there i told you. the game was way off the stage.
the real macho is actually down there.


my obsession with anne sexton has reached to the extreme.
the confusion with my mind going out of place could somewhat explain the photogenic intense for this vintage-inspired collection.
"i nod, thinking that woman’s dying
must come in seasons,
thinking that living is worth buying."
the items are a hangin' for your purchase right here. buy now.