my most honest post ever. and this has nothing to do with you.
i once read this quote about a white crayon.
this person was questioning an existence of a white crayon among the line of all these colorful crayons.
like why was it there? what did it want from people due to its existence?
"I" feel like the white crayon. sometimes.
i get tired of trying to stand out and be interesting with all such an attempt of looking merry and colorful and shit.
i am another soul searcher through just another online blog.
i am spending my anonymity and trying hard to be outstanding behind the laptop screen.
until recently, i feel like retiring. from all these facebook photos to act like you're interesting among your friends - your real-world friends.
or even a retweet, tweet, or twat for whateverfrigginreason just so you have many things to say.
i guess i am just better off acting uninterestingly demure on this blog.
even though it remains so secretive people wouldn't really give a damn anyway.
it's already too much work for me.
now i know what it's like to be in a close world where you don't really need real people at all.
and that's how i like it. it's irrational. and it's sick.
ps. please don't find any logical thinking behind this delusion. you can discuss, but i don't have an answer.


lostceremony said...

I think we all feel like a white crayon in some way or another.
It's really speaking to performing yourself on the internet (and other people realize it is performance too).
That's when blogging usually becomes tiresome. You realize that it's just a huge popularity contest to try and differentiate yourself from 100s of others.
The point of having a blog is to share your own *unique* perspective.
Most of the blogs I follow usually have photos and text. I almost always comment on the ones with just text. They are usually the most interesting.

Most people in these blog communities are indifferent to a lot of stuff that's been posted before.
I like your blog because it's different and not repetitive like my own blog or other blogs I follow. You never recycle content from other blogs! (which is why your blog is attractive to me)

Serena said...

Nice quote, nice thoughts, but I'm not as good in English to reply anything constructive...
All I can say is that I sometimes feel like a white crayon too, as you described it, in fact I think we all do...
xo xo from Belgium

Behind the Clouds said...

"now i know what it's like to be in a close world where you don't really need real people at all. "
You're right!!

Mitha Komala said...

i think white crayon works much more than other crayons bcs can write anything u feel like w/o others could see it (: and dear.. please dont look sad. cheer up!! hugsss <3


M and C said...


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Anonymous said...

I totally get that, it's a decline in motivation too? I considered shutting my blog down completely when I was having exams but no, gotta keep at it. Your blog is amazing

Chin up :)


drollgirl said...

three cheers for the white crayons! it is good to be different amongst a sea of sameness. sometimes it is depressing and tiring, but fuck it -- soldier on. and only blog if/when ya feel like it. at least that is my strategy.

Sick by Trend said...

What a quote.. I don't have word to write a good one after read this



Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment! i really appreciate it! i'll always come back and visit!

Rachel Danielle W said...

great blog! am a new follower!


Its Mine I Made It said...

Loveee all your pictures they are stunnning. i adoooore this sweater. beautifullll

love, alex
P.s thanks for stopping by on my blog, follow eachother??