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illiteracy is the world's major issue, illiterally.
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lemolo - whale song
"if i had a boat, i'd go out on the ocean.
and if i had a pony, i'd ride him on my boat."
there is nothing to object with lyle lovett's musical verse.
even if there was a new year storm trembling the sky in phang nga, i'd still have no regret.
even if there were to be too many hungry cave monkeys begging for free bananas, i'd still pretend to be kind.
even if there was a shrill wail of hard wind banging on me making it impossible to stand steadily on punyi island,
i'd still bare myself for a good whatfor.
anything in the world that keeps me free from commitment, i will take the chance.
photo canvas1photo canvas with logo
since we are a bunch of easy old bums who never print out our images and do proper photo collages,
being rewarded to have our own images captured in neat canvas prints was a big thrill.
the london-based photo canvas/bags of love people were kind enough to make our dreams come true by creating our photos from krabi post
and modifying them into these impeccable canvas treasures.
highly recommended for you photo freaks to have some memory sets on hand.
all images can be personalized into bags, books, boxes, and even bedding!
there are actually more. try, try, try!


Anne-Sofie said...

Hey guys!
Would you please vote for me as Danish Fashion Blogger of the Year at this hp: http://www.modeblogprisen2011.dk/ ? My blog is The Ashes. I follow you guys every day and I just love your amazing photos.

Have a great weekend

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful photos! I can share your sentiment! I wish to escape to a far off place just to avoid reality. xoxoxoo

It blog girls said...

this is very inspiring

Paola. said...

love everypic! i follow u

S said...

Amazing pics, very inspiring!
I can understand your feelings so well...


Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, darling!


A La Mode said...

Such beautiful photos!

Chelsea Lane said...

so amazing! I love every photo, and this is such an awesome way to display them. so gorgeous!


SusyV90 said...

Wow... Your pictures are awesome!!!
But that house... Wow, it's wonderful!
Love it!


Alba said...

wow, awesome photos! xoxo

Reg Rodriguez said...

beautiful photos! i love the one of the cave and the fisherman village. great shots! def worthy of a canvas print :)



great post!!...amazing photos!!!!!


great post!!...amazing photos!!!!!

blorange dice said...

AMAZING post!!! the sky is so grogeous. hahah and i love that monkey

Belle Armed said...

amazing photos, as always! loVE YOUR BLOG.

Isquisofrenia said...

wow looks amazing!! i wish i was there now!

yiqin; said...

The photos aqre breathtaking :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, to be there - I wouldn't have regrets either! One day...
The photo/canvas pictures look great - gotta check them out.

l i s a z h a n g said...

beautiful photos!
the one about illiteracy made me laugh so hard



leCool said...

cute blog!!!!:)

Connie said...

Such beautiful photos, no wonder you wanted them on canvas. Also, monkey!

The Heartbreak

ediot said...

absolutely amazing photos. i love these. and oh btw. i want a monkey. i know that's not possible - but in that case i'd like to have a monkey friend that i can visit.

Clazzerati said...

Beautiful pictures. And i'm with you on the grammar, it still baffles me how people get it so wrong. x

le pearl said...

Thailand? What an absolute gem!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh those photos look amazing wow this place is a dream!

Blackswan said...

i am in awe. Thailand, I'm coming for you!!!

x Lauren