the eye on the envelope was a caravan of little spectacular pieces to shine.
little foxy phenton jumped over the swedish border fence to entertain us with all its might.
equipped with adorable unicorn earrings and wire coat hanger necklace,
we just can't keep silent for these ten thousand times of cuteness anymore.

the comical lines with a set of cartoonish style behind the creators of phenton got us lost in attraction.
the fun vibe of these adorable accessories made us all giggle and tinkle with its design.
em and ida tell a tale of optimistic mood and prove it outright that quirkiness is the new coolness.
check out their inspiring wonderland and shop here.
Photo Credits: Phenton


Fashion Agony said...

Gorgeous items!


costra y ampolla said...

Love the peacocks!!

ediot said...

greatness! i love these. thanks for sharing. absolutely brilliant pieces. i wanna shop too!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such lovely things! I love their necklaces so much! xoxoxoo

A La Mode said...

Those little business cards are so cute!

Belle Armed said...

fantastic items.

Couture Carrie said...

Really fun pieces!


S said...

I love every single item!!!


It blog girls said...

loveeely post

l i s a z h a n g said...

your comment on my blog made me laugh!
its really cute!

i couldnt find a link to ur first post on the quake relief for japan to post a comment!

i totally agree, helping with relief aid is all that the rest of the world can do right now!



SabinePsynopsis said...

Nothing shall stop me from doing good - that's a helpful link!
The Phenton shop items look too cute!

blorange dice said...

these are all so inspiring! thank you for the oh-so-nice comment (:

ediot said...

right now twitter is down, but i will spread the word there about your blog and banner ;)

yiqin; said...

the bows are so cute.

eveline fashion-diary said...

love it!!!
all of them are just magical.
so beautifull...

Irina said...

This post is really nice! great photos! I love your comments that you leave me! thank you!

le pearl said...

Wow those leather bow earrings are adorkable <3

ANNA said...

i like the envelope so much! here a little link BLOGGOLD
would be happy if u could participate!


wooden coat hangers said...

greatness! i love these. thanks for sharing. absolutely brilliant pieces. i wanna shop too!