door121: exclusive interview with ANDWHATELSEISTHERE (sydney, australia)

aimee jenny song: the oakwood blouse in eggshell and the lace dress with liner (san francisco, united states of america)

ustrendy: featured seller (los angeles, united states of america)

kira aderne: rock on the golden era vintage shirt (recife, brazil)
it's true. you can't call yourself a secret if you can't keep it.
say hurrah to the public display of self-promotion and the new site layout!
for the first time out of the anonymous shadow, our faces are now shown on the australian-based fashion database site
called door121: the interview, next up to anna wintour and carine roitfeld on the front page.
eff the what, we wouldn't dare.
save the media vomit you want to puke at us,
just that we could never thank you readers and followers enough with all the support we got throughout the recent year.
to show some gratitude, we are now providing a 10% discount off every piece in our shop
by entering either one of the codes; ANDWHATELSEISTHERE, SONGOFSTYLE, or KIRAFASHION before checking out.
new collections will keep flowing. the wind of change will keep blowing.
the giveaway promo will keep coming. you guys will keep checking back.
enough yada yada. read our feature, spend the bucks with any of the discount codes here, and stay tuned for the best that is yet to come!
Photo Credits: door121, ustrendy, song of style, kirafashion


Paola. said...

i like the pics:)! i love her!

Marina said...

congrats !!!!
next up to anna wintour and carine roitfeld on the front page!!!!!!!!!

xx Marina

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous looks!
Love Kira!


Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations, I love the navy blue jacket.


ediot said...

im so so happy for you! you deserve it so much.
love all these features.. and your shop is fantastic!


It blog girls said...

beautiful pictures and outfits

Prim and Pimp said...

amazing top...love it!!!

S said...

Great pics and amazing style, love this post!


MILK said...

woo!! good stuff girls!! self promo is d new black. love!

Opposite lipstick said...

love it!!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

That's so awesome! Congratulations! You got some nice company with you indeed :-) xoxoxoo

Becky Regina said...

They really are amazing, awesome styles!

Tara said...

love the photos and ur outfit is so pretty :)

leCool said...

gorgeous looks!!!!!!y love the white dress and the coat!!thanks for comment!your blog is great!!!!!!:)

Sofie said...

check out my blog if you want :)


yiqin; said...

I likeher alot!


oh my friends, you really are sweet!
I love your shop and blog, I'm a huge fan!
Thank you for being so sweet and lovely...

all my love back to you,


l i s a z h a n g said...

congrats on ur feature!
its a milestone i hope to reach sometime!

the print is amazing on that shirt!



costra y ampolla said...

Congrats on the interview!! loved it!!