tying ourselves down to some local jewelry design that bangs right through our indecisive hearts can be some exhausting job.
but there we see no problem with jogema, the exquisite brand with a well-refined geometric shape of classic bling-bling to flaunt.
a bit of antique heritage with daringly explosive fuse can never go wrong.
already obsessed with this sexy vid clip of a chessboard battle competing with their tough gadgets on fingertips
through smokin' hot movement of every accessory on the rounds.
our heartbeats bang loud with this competitively striptease rhythm and go wham.
the brand is super slick. check out bangkoksmiths store for more.
Photo & Video Credits: Bangkoksmiths


It blog girls said...

Wow beautiful this jewelry is stunning

Erik Benjamin Stubbfält said...

This blog is an inspiring one.

Does your blog name have any connection to the amazing song by Röyksopp and Karin Dreijer?


Whoa, you got us, Erik! That song is our inspiration. We are never good with names so just hope this should apply to anything.

And yeah, Röyksopp and Karin Dreijer are geniuses.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It's such a beautiful concept and I really love the chess playing idea to showcase their designs! How clever! I'm in love with their jewelry! xoxoxoxoo

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the alice in wonderland like chess theme. beautiful blog you've got here! =)


Leather & Lace said...

hello lovely ladies!! another beautiful post as ALWAYS!! that first picture is stunning..love all the color!


Anonymous said...

Wow, all of these are amazing and so unique!
(Oh, there are 38 Celsius? Here is -1. So I want a little bit more, just about 10-15 Celsius, it would be enough!)

blorange dice said...

i love the horses!

ediot said...

thanks so much for introducing us to so many unique and interesting designs
that first photo is so nineties fun.
hope you're having a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

I adore those purply earrings!

Thanks for the comment,

Draffin Bears said...

This jewellery is amazing and thanks for sharing.

Happy Sunday

STEFANIE said...

love the vid!

vint junky said...

Oh, these are fantastic. And refreshingly a little bit different from whats out there right now. I'm lusting!

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow that first image is amazing! Have a great Monday

yiqin; said...

Rad vid :D

Sophia's Lover said...

Sizzling hot chocolate
and coffee with a dash of liquer.
A snowfall
winter in paris
chocolate chaux en hiver
ballet slippers hanging from
the ballet bars
a grammophone left playing
while no ones in the room.


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing pieces!


liz said...

oh wow i love these great horse head rings and the chessboard inspiration, so great