just a quick post to wish you all happy holidays.
eventhough we all share the same 365 days, they surely do not feel the same to everyone.
some may feel that 365 days are not enough to fit everything into their challenging life
whereas others will think the period could not drag by any slower.
be that as it may, new year is a time to share similar sentiments of happiness and joy.
we wish you all safe travels, good food, and great company.
we are taking advantage of some much needed time off and will be enjoying a nice getaway with our family for a few days.
will surely be back after the new year with plenty of new photos and hopefully get to refresh and reinspire.
catch you all in the new year.
Photo Credits: boyghost, patrick, theresapham.


another of the Gregorian calendar is about to close.
maybe we just need a point of reference to mentally jump-start our tired and drained minds after all. everyone gets to start over; that is the whole idea.
for me a quote that i have memorised by heart; “the only reason for time is that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
just because it alludes to the possibility for every one of us to start over whenever we feel in doldrums and desperately need something new in life.
also this is the time, i would like to “confess” to you all readers and followers too.
i know it’s been a long while since we last posted. i know that this is completely wrong, because we have been such horrible bloggers lately.
i feel that after our wreck reaching, many of you would be out of here forever. now that we’re back and promise to keep it flow to the best of our ability.
happy christmas. be merry.
Photo Credits: alinna, catherine, clairevl, miu37, nerd nest, ninakristine, r cao, rod ward, trangg, violeta niebla, yi_yicamera.


it feels as if deejaying the photo editorials through a beautiful musical scenery alongside with a poem to confess.
a mixtape of anne sexton's verse to "all my pretty ones" and the instrumental beat of peter gabriel's "mercy street"
refers to our yesterday's rainy december blue so vividly.
what a fragile darkness.
Photo Credits: The Taken Day Fall/Winter 2006 by M Apisak Vithyanond


just love the haunting relationship between beautiful quality of sally scott's 2010 spring collection and these eerily moving image notations.
and a big plus to google translate that works its way to conceptualize the japanese form of the brand's idea for our better perception;
"fictional and real in it
scenic and occasional humor
while always aware of changing values in me was born,
Sally Scott is sent each day to find myself.
for example, to create a movie, while touching her sensitive heart
with the design, continues to express its view of the world."
Photo Credits: Sally Scott 2010 Spring Collection from Nikukyu Issue #01


forcing a move towards this empty plastic glass with my gigantic calves wasn't too much of a struggle. see, it was sweating.

i only wish i could just be sitting here for a living, doing nothing. just studying the waves is enough.

dad is such a poser.

"quit your day job. buy a ticket. get a tan. fall in love. never return."
these photo dialogs might be quite extreme to the idea,
but it's holiday season. don't be too hard on yourself.
mark sala phuket as your life destination. there should be no regret.