i didn't take this verse to heart when noel sang this in his hit over and over,
"please don't put your life in the hands of a rock n' roll band, and throw it all away."
got no one else to blame. merely, it was my fault.
Photo Credits: moni haworth, ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter, shuttersteein, lesinspirationsdekenza, pamela love,
love is a letter sent thousands of times, jenbrilliant twitter, gypsy rose, our youth, lyssa humana


we have no word for shao yen chen's SS2011 "skin" collection.
it's a mixed emotion of feeling so passive, but yet so bold at the same time.
his sculptural sensation is way way too eclectic, we are simply drawn to it.
basically, we would just go die.
Photo and Video Credits: Shao Yen Chen


what are the things that sparkle, dazzle, and shine?
we are more than certain that kirameki will outshine like no other.
our fascination towards its glittery jewelry with a touch of beads and silver lines mixed with glamorous details of the clothing textures
makes it evitable that this brand is a must-have to all style stumblers.
we adore its intricate design to every handmade pieces and the refinery wardrobe selection in its own boutique space.
impressive phrases are not enough to describe. check in here for more.
Photo Credits: Kirameki Lookbook


it's always been our ultimate shop agenda to focus only on effortlessly stylish items with enviably approachable prices.
the photoshoot setting explains our motto where the collection was taken in a run-down area of bangkok city
where drapings, prints, and plaids in every vintage pieces would look outstanding from the colorful walls.
our favorite vintage collection is up for grabs now. check them out here.


this little india is counted as another masterpiece of bangkok's culturally diverse flavour.
we did a perfect stroll on pahurad street as our sense was swirling among the incense, pungent spices, vibrant fabric arrays,
bollywood teasers, and bright shimmery accessories.
the streetwalkers gave us an overwhelming impression of being estranged to our own city, yet in a good way.
get a feel for this town, this spot is worth a hit.


every picture has a story. the story that slaps you in the face repeatedly, we mean.
ren hang's photography is tackily outrageous and playfully dangerous. the image mood is definitely beyond a mimicry,
and his tricky sense of suicidal wit is just rad. take a look.
Photo Credits: Ren Hang Photography