t-shirt and singlet by peteversustoby

tank top - thrifted
yeah yeah yeah. we know we owe you readers some big spankin' in the ass.
laziness drove us away from the cybersphere a whole great week,
but now we're back full throttle to blogging.
hope these wardrobes would not give us too much of a guilt trip, yeah?
*as much as we hate to disappoint you, let the truth be told that all the featured girls in this blog are not us. sorry.


no matter how much we like to observe everyday lifestyle of street wanderers and the so-called 'old siam',
there is a thin line between cultural preservation and an excuse of negligence towards development to necessity.
just can't help wondering how long we have been using (or wrecking) these train cabins,
but they sure do look like some multipled-hand time machine shuttles back to the first world war.
some classical good old days might require a proper renovation every now and then.


many new asian faces up on the runway,
and mengyao ming xi proves it her way like no other.
the woman is definitely taking on such an impressive route for dansk magazine aw10.
her pug face dressing up in scandinavian style is totally versatile.
gotta give her props for the badass facial expression in such a high-class tone of black-and-white editorial.
a greater expectation for more ming xi in prints. PLEASE.
Photo Credits: DANSK MAGAZINE AW10 photographed by Alex Sainsbury and styled by Toby Grimditch


the fact that a modern style of clothing is our new obsession du jour makes it hard for us to ignore dusk till dawn.
its nunsense collection is a strong statement of unconventional designs inspired by a very conventionally religious belief of immanency.
the brand recreates a constructive trend by its layering appliqué of flowy fabrics and volumized textures.
indulge your spiritual streak here in style.
Photo Credits: DUSK till DAWN


item updates on both new and vintage pieces for you guys to shop away.
tons of new items are coming along.
especially for those vintage maniacs out there, you can have our words.
we'll get our lame asses disciplined,
and try to dig out the shoots from a century ago for the coming posts.
break your budget and shop, shop, shop!


streetcarnage's always been my nighttime friend, so i decided to give it a go for another good laugh before hitting a pillow last night.
my frequent drop on the site is ask barf with lesley arfin,
where all the internet geeks get to ask her for help with every random question you can ever imagine.
i adore miss arfin's cheeky writing style and her absolutely charming wit.
i am just close to bestowing her when she answered the question for this blogger whether her blog is considered to be "necessary".
arfin's answer is totally spot on;
"the only thing that actually makes something “important” is when someone says it’s “important” and we believe that person...
what you need to do is try something before you decide it’s no good.
if it doesn’t work out, you’ll know — but trust me there are many more things that litter the world with bullshit...
nothing on the internet is really THAT important (except maybe free porn sites and wikipedia)."
you must've guessed my state of mind right then. i was gratefully touched.
i am like one of them. i question myself from time to time whether what i am doing is right.
but for now, i can't imagine myself doing other things but blogging.
time flies. it's been a year for us in this blogosphere.
184 followers on google friend connect and 50 followers on bloglovin'
we thank you all, and are planning something for the better here. please bear with us.