we are just being creatively challenged here,
who would have ever thought of a "bev glove"?
zapping bubble has introduced us the raddest method of flaunting your beverage in style.
highly recommended for all you (unconscious) partygoers who often leave around your drinks unattended.
come check out its new drawstring handbag too right here.
Photo Credits: Zapping Bubble


for crying out loud, a dangerous sense of superiority in this editorial totally kicks ass.
it is a manifesto of mob.f's e-magazine for spring/summer 2010 collection, "style doesn't speak, it shouts.",
which yells out a good buzz to our ears here.
this multi-brand thai designers store doesn't fail to deliver cool cutting-edge pieces among great varieties being offered.
usthink those rings by sign-in is one helluva lot. which one is for you?
Photo Credits: Mob.F


it is sunday, so this should be a lazy excuse to post just to make ends meet here.
even though we are pursuing our cyber identities in incognito,
all these beach sets of photos should reveal our states of mind better at the moment.
simply said, independence is the theory.
Photo Credits: my daily style, deadweight on velveteen, childhood flames, mary robinson, hobo magazine fw 09,
alison scarpulla, marlene marino, dirty blonde


the post-life of freeing myself from the corporate indentured servitude has caused me to live a life as a foodist.
we just love how the witch pie factory does not only offer a marvelous pie-tasting experience,
but also its adornment towards the words of wisdom.
can't explain the connection of the shopkeeper with the oyster in each quotation behind every business card, either.
hopefully, we will get to unlock the mystery behind the letters soon next time we stuff ourselves with those pies again.


don't you ever get this brooklyn-based lois lane mistaken with that helpless superman's girlfriend.
lois lane vintage is a genius in reconstructing vintage pieces for a funkier and sassier style
that speaks super loud with bright colours and playful shapes.
rest assured that there will be no guilt trip in breaking the budget since all items come with their most affordable prices.
go go rumble with L.L.V. right here.
Photo Credits: Lois Lane Vintage


back to anr's ad campaign in 2007 with akhmed in ardez, switzerland.
opas chantkam has left a puzzling mystery in the viewers' minds without being too hard-sale
to the design of modern simplicity already made by anr.
the perspectives delivered a hidden charm of loneliness and some questionable thoughts in the unreachable landscape.
emotions are conveyed. we are feeling the prime of our lives.
Photo Credits: anr


oh man, this hits me hard at the moment.
isn't it ironic when you seem to take notice in everything that is considered to be "different" during your real-life breakthrough?
gori de palma's "rat scabies" s/s 2011 is pretty much as one.
the design liberates the common mass interest through perceived excesses of punk-rock style.
the collection reflects the hard-edged view that encourages individuality away from same-ol' narrow-minded social norms.
ripped stockings, black tees, and metallic studded jaquets,
all chanting that a little rebellion now and then MUST be a good thing!
Photo Credits: Gori de Palma's "Rat Scabies" by Vladimir Borowicz (in the courtesy of +34pressroom)