flipping through a free magazine just recently and found this masterpiece by the late photographer, surat osathanugrah.
"i love creating artwork more than doing business,
but i have to pursue my business because of my family."
- surat osathanugrah
we knew from the very instant that this would be our next post.
surat exposed the hidden charm behind daily lifestyle of thai society with a blend of puzzling mystery and black comedy.
this photodiarist perceived his work through one of his publications called "varnishing bangkok".
now you tell me, isn't the name just mindblowing already?
Photo Credits: kanphotoclub, pantip


don't park in front of this person's house cos it ruins the feng shui, the writing says.

oh and don't you dare steal his stuff cos he had already written up a full list of curses to your greatgrandparents. (please do self-censor.)

enough of us acting like some fashion pretentious snobs here,
please allow us to get back to being our own self everyday ordinary streetwalkers with this post.
well, to tell you the truth, we tend to appreciate clothing and all like every other woman.
but once it goes out of hand by getting dressed to impress, it is dead annoying.
we'd prefer blogging to a point where we enjoy doing posts we like,
but who are we to judge what is in and out in a so-called fashion term?
so everytime when we post self-taken photos, it just feels like a true leisure.
guess that's the reason why we think blogs are better than magazines and catwalks.
it's not only in a blogger's fashion sense,
but the surroundings and aesthetics all make up a great influence on one's perspective beyond the "fashion" scope.
even if it's a love/hate scenario with bangkok life, this city is the daily regular atmosphere that never bores to inspire us.
so surely, being truthful never grows old.


how can you ever put a cat and a bird in the same cage?
don't waste your time pondering. Montse Liarte really does it.
her "fly the bird's way" autumn-winter 2010-11 collection relishes a freedom through delicately straight lines and flamboyant curves.
the desire of setting oneself free in the air is realized through focused volumes, crossed structures, and garment crinkles.
silk and wool in beige, blue, grey, and black colours make such an impressive statement
of conveying her creative message through tender structures.
we adore a Liarte woman to be "traditional at heart, modernist at style", so empower the fear of flying and jet here.
Photo Credits: +34 Pressroom


good gust

when asked by isawan to join the pre-launch of her limited collection at salon de style III featuring along with other prominent local designers,
there was really no other comparably prestigious excuse to turn down such a fortunate event.
a preview of spring/summer 2010 collection by independent brands like milin, vickteerut, bangkoksmiths, and many more
with special 50% discount was far beyond a good deal.
oh and a welcome drink from mojito by bacardi sounded too tempting, just sayin'.

a quick shoutout from marie claire thailand's fashion update to isawan bag: beige hunk on sale now at andwhatelseisthere,
"being introduced by a new thai brand called "isawan" as firstly launched in 2008 and rapidly grown to recent public interest,
this multi-coloured genuine leather bag is now in trend among young stylistas.
the inspiration is engraved from the designer's love for vintage pieces adaptable to reusing leather materials while playing tricks with metal studs.
there eventually comes a bag that captures every woman's desire.
check out isawan at the blog, http://andwhatelseisthere.blogspot.com, and do some showoff."
so how can you still abandon your own passion to claim one?
click here - go go go!
Photo Credit: Marie Claire (Thailand) - June 2010 Issue No.74


voxtrot - the warmest part of the winter
"you awake to find you have died
oh you awake to find it's gone out of you
oh you awake to find you are all covered in dark
with nothing ready to start or to see through
i had a name
i let it leave me
i had a plan to settle you in"
Photo Credits: jessieroth, brief magazine, boys don't cry, in a fraction of a second, after hours, yvan rodic, catherine pri, 20x200,
hedi slimane, zoo magazine


you can have our words here that this will not be the only post that pays our tribute to nat prakobsantisuk's spectacular fashion photography.
we are in awe, so please bear with us.
Photo Credits: Sirivannavari S/S 2010 by Nat Prakobsantisuk


"an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of simplicity and elegance"
donald norman couldn't have just referred to the apple shuffle if only he had missed out on this brand.
vickteerut ss10 striptease collection is definitely one on the stance.
his design motto portrays feminine beauty beneath the masculine strength of every shape and layer,
all being appropriately well-combined through his creative mind.
come, child. see it all here.
Photo Credits: VICKTEERUT