the honey trees - edelweiss
we know we should have been more psyched for the great wall of china.
but oh well, our fascination is engraved with those trees,
trees with no leaf. and a great big sky.
how does it feel exactly,
to live with the freezing wind for some cold, cold, cold truth?


ground-painted chinese calligraphy, somewhat people wonders, united army-marching waltz, ancestor worship beauty,
powerful historical enigma, and some extravagant food variety.
such aesthetics have recovered our spirits throughout this beijing memoir.
inspiration has returned, we welcome thee.


translation: thailand - moving forward?

translation (thai handwriting): sorry, john, we've only just begun!

our mind has grown big after having found a project of "the designthailand pool" by f0nt.com,
a pro-peace community on flickr set up for online individuals to post inspirational pictures which promote unity among thais during this crisis.
eventhough our nation is now paying for the sins of being divided,
it is our sincere hope that this dim light for peace will eventually shine out strong as one.
Photo Credits: The designthailand Pool


when it comes to a good investment, you can't just remain a cheap bitch.
especially when that good investment comes in style with affordable prices, what else to resist?
these made-to-order jewelry pieces by yolwaree sathyanawin's "one day with ms.s" collection are just brills.
her design reflects elegance on a day-to-day time schedule with no sweat.
emerald stones and high-quality silver are her signature key to fulfill any fabulous diva's passion.
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Photo Credits: Yolwaree Sathyanawin


wilco - country disappeared

the purpose of this blog is to create inspirations, but at this very instant, we are no bullshit either.
it took us a while to ponder whether we should really post any images related to the political chaos we got in the city streets.
we have come to realize the reality slamming to our faces on a daily basis here.
it is really hard right now just to go on talking about fashion diaries and holiday photos without a care to what's really happening to our own nation.
sukhum truengtrachitkul's photogenic perspective speaks louder on what we thais have been struggling during this hardship.
tonight is a rough night for our country fellows.
that's the bottom line for what we have to say about politics,
a hate speech is never a free speech.
"an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." - Mohandas Gandhi

Photo Credits: Sukhum Truengtrachitkul