bought this frog magnet from a very young girl selling souvenirs around the beach shore.

my friends and i took a stroll at the local night market.

my friend was bargaining for the tshirt and eventually turned the seller down. the facial expression was really there, obviously.

it was basically rather a food trip than a beach trip.
all in all, it wasn't only just a natural atmosphere with the sea breeze and the ocean view.
it was actually a chaotic scheme of holiday-bombarded vibe in this little city called "hua hin" that got bangkokians attracted,
especially at this time when the capital city isn't really too fascinating to live in.


"for me, it has to be the magical combination of the sun and the sea.
the sun because it energises and uplifts the spirit.
the sea because it represents real freedom,
but with an underlying sense of mystery. together they inspire and invigorate." - giorgio armani
it says all about everything to love with the ocean, doesn't it?


2010 shanghai world expo is a comin'. and no, it just doesn't really end our excitement there.
because it seems like we are not only going to be attracted to just shanghai tang's signature home fragrance set either after all this time,
especially that lovely lovely lovely ginger flower room spray we are close to take a spritz on our own body.
this editorial shoot by richard ramos in shanghai tang's spring/summer 2010 collection has pressed our "stop" buttons of the real world sphere
to the romantic drama by wong kar wei's classic epic, "in the mood for love".
our mind always goes easily in awe for oriental fashion combining the east-meets-west tactics in a shoot,
and in no way could any other allure our souls better than shanghai tang this time.
we salute thee.
ps. it's a golden holiday week in thailand in which i myself just got back from a beach trip with my long-time friends in hua hin
whereas another one of us is now away for a short vacay in beijing.
let's make sure you are keeping track to our next posts as personal photos are on the way!
Photo Credits: Shanghai Tang


marching onto our new arrival pieces: the black parade collection.
gothic style with daring layers is here to resemble with the new parody of season change.
kiss the cold wind goodbye and start anew here.


let's just come clean here, what else not to really get jealous?
raiding through the blog created by this thai fashion stylist/journalist, kampol litkanjanakul,
makes us daydream how our lives should have been like beyond the four-square dead-end buildings really working to create inspiration for others.
his work will make your heart grow big. check it out here.
Photo Credits: Kampol Litkanjanakul