isawan's newest collection: rebirth 24 is here!
this collection is the recent salutation to her 24th birthday by the concept of gifts and metallic color ribbons with merry wrapping papers.
the newborn era of isawan's excites us with the new shapes and textures of former carry-alls,
yet explicitly maintaining playful tactics on the design with her signature studded hardwares.
alter your stylish everyday wardrobe with isawan - on sale now here.
Photo Credits: ISAWAN


maggie cheung looks stunningly enchanting on the cover of glass magazine (spring 2010).
she can embrace aging with beauty and elegance in grace through dolce & gabbana's lace piece.
charm always seems to remain timeless with her.
it's just phenomenal.
Photo Credits: Glass Magazine (Spring 2010) - sassyhongkong, sohoiman


traditional thai-style house is eerily beautiful and yet very classic.
it was quite mesmerizing to see such an old-fashioned estate in the middle of bangkok's business area like sathorn road.
at a first glance, we thought the place was haunted with some spirits beyond our eyesight.
looking at that blue-painted wooden door was creepy enough,
as if the door got the eyes of its own looking right back at us.
how bizarre.


travis burch's "you're an angel & i'm gonna cry" and "chloe's dance" are perfect for a dreamy weekend,
curling in bed amidst of all the political drama in bangkok.
piano/mandalin melody sets afloat in the air with these random collectibles,
lifting our minds up a bit from the fact of staying indoors rather than struggling through the street chaos.
enough said, feel his music here.
Photo Credits: tumbling towards ecstasy, catherine pri, czechoslovakia, don't touch my moleskine, kinga burza, effyeahalexachung,
modern proverbs, nicholas lorden, papertissue, paper n' stitch, the joanne
Music Credit: travis burch


i hate my room.
ever since i started life as a salary slave, i never really put an effort to clear things up in my room.
tons of books i wanna read through, i never really do.
all the mess i wish myself to throw it away at once, i always seem to skip that too.
help, i need to salvage my soul.


it's nice to see a natural touch in a design every once in a while.
Stefanía Borrás comes with a concept of bringing beautiful garments with eco-friendly elegance into play.
this "survival" collection arises from the brand's mere independence with its statement pieces through crepes and layers.
it captures the spontaneous souls amongst the soft sense of environmental sphere with both sheer and flowy textures.
no doubt that the design should comprehend freedom with feminity so well together in harmony.
view the liberal sphere of Stefanía Borrás and other fashion-inspired masterminds from spain here.
Photo Credits: +34 Pressroom


mindblown by the surrealist artworks of Princess Marsi Paribatra's, the collection truly sparkles from an exceptional artistic soul.
every character seems to dance vividly in a profound fantasy even the creation of this masterpiece was done ages ago.
as quoted by MR Jisnuson Svasti on the Princess in the bangkok post: brunch magazine,
"For her, life is a big party.
It's not a party in the sense of revelling.
It is co-existence of creatures, humans, men and women and animals.
It's also about love, death and separation under Buddhist belief."
Photo Credits: bangkok diary, rama9art


okay so we know this has already been long overdue, especially with such a conscience of seasonal fashion.
but ray mcdonald is our guy lust for this traditionally-thai-liquor-turned-fashion (can you imagine!) brand, singha life - autumn/winter 2009.
whatever, we are still drooling. screw the seasons.
Photo Credits: Singha Life