Photo essays of backstage at new york's fashion week by kenneth dickerman
Photo Credits: TIME


after the long promise we had made earlier, we understand it's been a great while we haven't posted personal photos.
these images will get your eyes bloody red.
we went for a streetwalk at the main street of yaowaraj - bangkok's infamous china town.
we almost died in the sun stepping along the food-filled road.
every corner seemed to fill up with food everywhere.
all the food booths only started to set up, but there was a messy flood of people already.
we love the energy and the vibe of a chinese new year, especially in thailand where festivals always be so fresh.
either valentine's or any religious new year, you name it.
we are those types to celebrate them all.
(photos to be continued.)


thanks to the recommendation by lamija suljevic, this is our very first time to encounter haute couture pieces of inspiration from stockholm.
romantique impressionists shall be intrigued by her embroidery details combining layers with braiding and laces.
most importantly, it is always stunning to study cultural roots from Bosnia reflecting through her fabrics.
elegance has only just begun. see her site for your fashion appetite. feel the royale parlour.
Photo Credits: Lamija Suljevic


all you lovebirds must be celebrating valentine's today.
all you single souls must be sobbing in front of the pc screens and wishing this day to just go away already.
whatever circumstances, have a great one.
ps. also a chinese new year in this very same day.
be going out taking new pictures in the china town and posting them up next.
we know we owe you guys some originality a great while.
Photo Credits: andwhatelseisthere, unknown, lefthandcutstheright


these guys are our favorite threesome.
not THAT kind of threesome, we mean a SPIRITUALLY ARTISTIC threesome.
pete versus toby leads a motto of "psychedelic futuristic hippy lifestyles" in the era of materialism and capitalism of 2010,
and makes its name in australia running a boutique gallery called "palestine".
they pursue their unified path of creativity throughout the t-shirt design, musical therapy with catchy lyrics, and cool pop arts.
we salute them for the guts we never have ourselves, living lives by their own rules.
these young lads do create inspiration. blogdrift/shopstuff/greetthem all here.
ps. "you can trust the bank of a river" is our personal favorite quote.
unfortch, antoine, we are those miserable bank people.
Photo Credits: pete versus toby


a gorgeous result of an accidental internet find - fan bingbing, marie claire china's february 2010 cover girl.
crienglish saluted her a notorious title as a chinese 'femme fatale',
"Maybe it is because her beauty is so blinding that few onlookers would look beyond her face and deep into her heart."
she has that killing charm. we couldn't agree more.
ps. excuse us the result of marie claire china's overstated paranoia over copyright epidemic.
we hate the idea of embedded watermark in the pictures.
it ruins beauty under this circumstance.
Photo Credits: marie claire china - february 2010 issue (to lessen the case of mc china's concern)


trapped in the traffic 3 days in a row.
horn honk sounds repeatedly in the background.
wish i could leave.
Photo Credits: motocchio