see, they said in vogue british that pastel colors would be the year's color.
Peter Som's spring 10 is an (another) example for it.
objection overruled.
Photo Credits: Peter Som


found this cute little vendor, Pinkish Yellow, around the busy corner of our weekend ritual place at jj market.
being one of those accessory diggers, this is absolutely one shop to raid through.
what not to heart? sweet-colored tints and the fun shapes are just way too adorable to resist.
these are only some sneak peeks of the whole design and they are pretty much open for orders.
go on, write them here.


been experiencing grim sundays for three weeks in a row.
the new year has begun, but still tend to hate most of our weekday routines.
living in the vicious cycles where those schedules have trapped us.
typically, we all see the light at the end of the tunnel.
but it is just those certainties repeating to our ears not to escape.
and we blame the world that they keep us away from being free.
in which it is really us who choose to stick with those rules.
and yet, we choose to be forgotten. we are simply our own traps.
Photo Credits: cyanney, eirikthorsen, lefthandcutstheright, the fashion spot, bakerby, n.polek


yenny introduced the summer 2010 collection by the aussie brand, AJE, on her blog.
instead, we are pretty much intrigued by this indonesian eye-catcher, fahrani empel.
her beauty is way too breathtaking to hold back blogging about.
she is all.
Photo Credits: Aje.


etsy update: our (finally) newly-launched collection, "the sweet sin".
our inspiration en routes from embroidery lace with dreamy super-soft chiffon on forbidden imagination.
go to our shop to conquer some now.


oh yes, our lovely food porn.
cafe symphony in soi thonglor is our favorite tummy-filled stop.
homey dishes - self-made japanese style by a very welcoming nippon owner.
most suitable as a privately cosey drop-off after helluva hectic lot.
ps. the strawberry frappé is the sweetest yum!


darn it. it IS going to be a monday blue.
whole blues all week round.
Photo Credits: dirtyfangs

lazy sunday, lazy post.
preparing for a monday blue.
Photo Credits: lefthandcutstheright, ifwisheswereclotheshorses, maus


a label to note: milin's "the witch list" collection is just rebellious.
a bold but yet sassy line captures our attention with its fascinating stylish spell.
milin shines once again with its signature of self-made fabric prints through the sensational classic tone.
definitely in need to cast a spell of witchcraft to own them all here.
Photo Credits: Milin