just love the haunting relationship between beautiful quality of sally scott's 2010 spring collection and these eerily moving image notations.
and a big plus to google translate that works its way to conceptualize the japanese form of the brand's idea for our better perception;
"fictional and real in it
scenic and occasional humor
while always aware of changing values in me was born,
Sally Scott is sent each day to find myself.
for example, to create a movie, while touching her sensitive heart
with the design, continues to express its view of the world."
Photo Credits: Sally Scott 2010 Spring Collection from Nikukyu Issue #01


ediot said...

such STUNNING shots!
and i love that movie!
thanks so much for sharing dear.
hope you're having a great week so far
take care


Carla said...

love the first picture



Anonymous said...

So hauntingly beautiful x

anouk said...

at first i was wondering, because this type of photography seemed so familiar to me, than i saw it's sally scott. god i really enjoy her cloths. i guess she's always working with the same model?! it's a pretty one. i like that clean, unstyled hair, that innocent looking schoolgirl thing and so on.
the mood ist eerily great.

Sue said...

Stunning pictures!

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful just woahhh!


Juliet said...

Looks really nice!

juliet xxx

BenchesandChandeliers said...

eery yet beautiful


blorange dice said...

i really really reeeeally love these photos and clothes. wow. thanks for sharing! i've never heard of sally scott until now. just might be a new favorite! (:

Blackswan said...

thank you for this post! i love the whole concept and the movie is indeed eerily moving! the model is perfect for this story..

always a treat to come visit your blog dears!


x Your Only Blackswan

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Ahhh it's so haunting, your right

i adore the colors and shapes of the fabric.... so dreamy..

much sweetness,
hope to hear from you xx

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely photos and clothes, thanks for this, as I have not heard of Sally Scott before.

Happy week

johanna said...

you always have the best pictures

Tonio said...

I´m not kidding! I was in tension watching the video, I dont know why i thought teh lady would start screaming at some point!! haha!

I´m a freak.

Hey, I´ve created a lovely character, her name is San, Step by and meet her.

Anonymous said...

So inspiring! I love the video


Clélia C. said...

Très sympa ton blog, les photo sont interessante !

Pervesely Perfect said...

THese are amazing. Gotta love translations off the web. They give extra meaning to the text.
Great post


Love your blog