forcing a move towards this empty plastic glass with my gigantic calves wasn't too much of a struggle. see, it was sweating.

i only wish i could just be sitting here for a living, doing nothing. just studying the waves is enough.

dad is such a poser.

"quit your day job. buy a ticket. get a tan. fall in love. never return."
these photo dialogs might be quite extreme to the idea,
but it's holiday season. don't be too hard on yourself.
mark sala phuket as your life destination. there should be no regret.


Anonymous said...

Oh, amazing pictures!
It's so strange that you compare my style to Maggiy Gyllenhaal, I don't know so much about her but now I will see her! But thanks, it's so nice of you!

johanna said...

what an AMAZING place

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These photos are stunning!! They have a very magical quality to them...

Colleen said...

wow, this place is ridiculously beatiful

gucci watches ladies said...

there has one word that i do wanna say: gorgeous

ediot said...

wow. these photos are absolutely magical.
i wish i could go somewhere hot and exotic.
you're in thailand right? i have a friend in thailand who's staying there for 5 more months, and my boyfriend and i are thinking about going there to visit them.. but i don't think we have the money to do it yet.. ;(
hope you're having a wonderful week dear
take care
thanks for an OH so inspirational blog


yiqin; said...

very lovely phoots!

blorange dice said...

oh man, i looove wine. and that swing looks amazing! i wish i could go swinnng out it right now.

oh, and thanks for the tip about the fisherman's pants!

btw, i don't know why it's taken me so long, but i am officially following your blog (:

style-haus said...

oh how i wish i could be on holiday at this resort right now! gorgeous photos...simply breathtaking


Neng said...

Sooo beautiful! Thanks for posting this!

Draffin Bears said...

This resort looks beautiful, must be lovely having a holiday here.

Happy weekend

Becky Regina said...

Wow , beautiful photos and beautiful place :)

fashion is my husband said...

god, love it

chloe said...

whoah, i just want to laze around in that bed and snck on that gorgeous food and hang out in those gardens, everything's so beautiful!

MILK said...

wow pure serenity! make me wanna extend my trip in bkk and stop by phuket too! Lovely pictures.

Fashion Fabrice said...

Amazing shots!! I love these pics!! Makes me wanna leave this ugly winter and go on a holiday:)
Im so glad i discovered your blog on quality rivets blogrol!! Im gonna follow you! i love your style!!

Hope you visit and follow me back,
that would be amazing!!


beba said...

Oh, I would love to sit there!
Beautiful pictures!

Peace and love!

Titanium Jewelry said...

How i wish i could be on holiday at this resort right now! gorgeous photos...simply breathtaking