another of the Gregorian calendar is about to close.
maybe we just need a point of reference to mentally jump-start our tired and drained minds after all. everyone gets to start over; that is the whole idea.
for me a quote that i have memorised by heart; “the only reason for time is that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
just because it alludes to the possibility for every one of us to start over whenever we feel in doldrums and desperately need something new in life.
also this is the time, i would like to “confess” to you all readers and followers too.
i know it’s been a long while since we last posted. i know that this is completely wrong, because we have been such horrible bloggers lately.
i feel that after our wreck reaching, many of you would be out of here forever. now that we’re back and promise to keep it flow to the best of our ability.
happy christmas. be merry.
Photo Credits: alinna, catherine, clairevl, miu37, nerd nest, ninakristine, r cao, rod ward, trangg, violeta niebla, yi_yicamera.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so nice! Love the winter photos.

ediot said...

i won't run off at the first chance. im following you on bloglovin- so i see when you do update.
love the photos! happy holidays
take care

Frock Around the Clock said...

Arrghh such beautiful Christmas photos! They are definitely bringing on that warm and fuzzy feeling! :) x

A.n.E said...

hehe I love the 3rd to last one... I'm sure you can identify with the summery christmas. It's precious that nomatter how globalised the world is... we all have a slightly different take on it, different meanings and feelings attached.

welcome back girls!

Becky Regina said...

Beautiful photos ! Just can't wait for Christmas :)

liz said...

these pics completely put me in the holiday spirit- they remind me of A Christmas Story with the 70's quality

Kennedy said...

lovely as always, cant believe xmas is so close!

JoeyAna said...

awesome holiday photos love the close ups!


commodestyle said...

Merry Christmas!!!and happiness halidays..........
great pics always,thanks for shareing!

Marina said...

love all the pics!!!

xx Marina

Pamy Rangel said...

lovely!! :)


lovely photos! like the 2nd last one. have a merry xmas too!

Adele said...

Some amazingly festive images here! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Awww Merry early christmas, and I love bitter sweet symphony playing in the background it's such a modern classic


Pink Lady said...

i wish you a merry christmas!!!
have a beautiful day!
xoxo, pink lady ♥

Sick by Trend said...

Thanks for your comment and Merry Christmas!! :) Thanks to you for sharing those amazing and gorgeous pictures!! im a new follower!! :)

Follow me :D




aussibelle said...

This is some lovely photography!

Draffin Bears said...

I love all the Christmas photos and wishing you a happy holiday.


Anonymous said...

Awww I love that little eiffel tower on that tree! so cute

Miss Neira

Forever Petite said...

Beautifull pictures!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Great pictures!

Ms Fitz said...

such a lovely post.. I feel a sense of quiet reflection in your photos. It's lovely and a little heart breaking. Keep up the good work

AnneSo Landou said...

gorgeous images.


Anonymous said...

very beautiful pics. I love this blog!