terawat teankaprasith's illustrations are ones of not so many displayed visualizations that got us totally intrigued for many long good years.
his artwork is somewhat a mimicry that characterizes role plays in his own provocative style.
the fact that his imagination recreates a self-made modern metropolis gives an ultimately sensual and appealing impression
to his long-time admirers like us.
galavant his collages to suit your desire right here.
Photo Credits: BEAUTIFUL ONE


Leather and Lace said...

hello!!! these are amazing illustrations..so unique! hope you girls are doing well!


chloe said...

oh wow, such talent! thanks for sharing x

ediot said...

hi darling- what a great post- i LOVE these artworks. im blown away actually- such livelyness to them
hope youre having a wonderful weekend


Grace said...

so much talent. Amazing.

Love Grace.

blorange dice said...

these are INCREDIBLE!!! wow. thanks so much for sharing.

p.s. thank you for the niiice words about my grandmother. they meant a lot.

misslikey said...

amazing illustrations

Faye said...

remarkable imagery.

really digging the first one's water color feel, kind of simular to an Andrew Wyeth painting... with more emphasis on the emotional and less on detail.

style-haus said...

i'm so in awe of his work...he's def a multifaceted artist


kelsea said...

loove this guys work.

Anonymous said...

oh these are great !