a new definition of pretty please is finally found.
shaka london's aw 2010-2011 "lady luck" collection gets to reconcile a soft design of cuteness without feeling too sickeningly sweet to death.
we totally dig for its concept of "cleverly cute" since we are one unsuccessful lot with no future of dressing up all pinky and tinkly.
for you hard raw women who need to sweeten up, this one is for you right here.
Photo Credits: Shaka London


Xu Box said...

I am inspired to design and make outfits like this. Thank you for posting them, they're truly wonderful!

MissKellie said...

Oh my gosh, I love all of these! This is basically a perfect collection!

johanna said...

awwww amazing collection. mine is from Primark

daisychain said...

oh wow, in love with all of this

Anonymous said...

Love these looks. Totally my style.

style-haus said...

cleverly cute is the perfect description for this collection. it's youthful and charming without the cheese. adore the styling of this lookbook...the hair updos, gloves and hair accessories are fantastic


Gorgeous Clara said...

nice collection

blorange dice said...

these RULE!! ahh, i love this line.

silviasiantar said...


thanks for your sweet comment on my blog


following your blog!
let me know if you want to exchange links

November Grey said...

Oh, I love. I really, really love.


November Grey
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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! What a gorgeous collection! The first two dresses are my absolute favorites! xxoxoxoxoo

A.n.E said...

These looks are so subtly cute! Yes i'm a bit of a schizo sometimes, so this complex blend cute and off-kilter def gets a thumbs up. And about the lens.. do it! You'll love it. Ours is 35mm f.1.8.

(also so glad you like the new blog-feel :) )

gucci 2011 said...

I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

Rianna Bethany said...

What a beautiful collection, i love the general feel of it.
Rianna xxx

Carla said...

love this looks!


Devonately said...

That hair is amazing.



ediot said...

ah- of course-
i LOVe YOur blog.
its amazing. one of the things i like so much is that you share these great shops/designs i wouldn't know of if i have'nt visited you.
so thanks a lot
hope youre having a great weekend


A. said...

great lookbook, i lvoe the clothes

gucci uk said...

I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

misslikey said...

superb collection. love all the romantic detailing. Totally my thing. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog more and more!

Gayle said...

The clothes are amazing. Breath taking, if you will.


gleenn said...

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It's good to know there are more. Fabulous!

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