some flying damaged hair can look even more eccentric.

don't ever underestimate this scene since it will easily fool you in the morning.

please excuse those clouds overfloating like airwaves on that stretching blue canvas.
the sky seems somewhat eerily daunting amidst the rain on this very gloomy saturday.
my skin gets goosebumps from this chilly wind, but the breeze doesn't seem to cool this very complicated state of my mind at all.
i doubt the bad taste in my mouth, and that very unwilling complication i eventually manage to swallow down to my throat.
i may succumb this awkwardness and suffocate myself with this inner complexity. it gets so intense.
please don't question my intention to what ultimate extent i am attempting to refer. i am just simply very unstable.


Beth said...

That first photo is absolutely amazing. It's got so much emotion in it.

Net said...

This is amazing Viv. I just love the way it is. Gloomy gloomy but there is a smile on my face after all..

Tiffany's Small World said...

amazing photos!


Melanhcoly Daze said...

wow these photos are so striking. love them

Melanhcoly Daze said...

wow these photos are so striking. I love the bit of gloom.

Xu Box said...

What fitting photos to for the stir of your internal state! I especially love the first one where the birds are standing on the power lines, in between buildings and against the sky, it is very indescribably poetic.
I'm glad you liked my interview, I enjoyed it myself as well. Thank you so much for being a regular on my blog and your blog never ceases to amaze me.

Blackswan said...

these are beautiful. the gloom, the loneliness, the way everything looks so still though really there is a lot happening. You have frozen time perfectly. The first photo, I don't know what to say. I guess at times no words are needed, the picture says it all.

Thank you for dropping by, i really do appreciate it. Lucky for me I finally got a trim the other day, but those split ends are inevitable.

hope to see you around again soon!


x Your Only Blackswan

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are amazing pictures!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. La Roux - love it!

johanna said...

Amaziiing pics! Love them


love your song choices. But i NEVER fails to give me a jolt when it comes on. :))

daisychain said...

that first photo is just incredible

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

The clouds in these are just wonderful, I love how misty and old they seem!

such lovely images

Char x

Aissata said...

amazing pictures. nice blog


Julie said...

birds on a wire. I adore birds on a wire.

misslikey said...

picturesque, beautiful, melancholic yet vivid. how I adore the one with the birds.

Leather and Lace said...

hello gorgeous photos as always! amazing clouds in the last photo..


A. said...

such gorgeous photos!!

ediot said...

beautiful song. funny valentine. i love it.
thanks for sharing.
also these amazing are simply incredible - did you take them? im complete in awe.
and oh- obsessed with birds on wires.

take care darling

Grace said...

You always manage to pull together the most incredible photos.

Love Grace.

style-haus said...

these shots evoke such a melancholy mood, but are also so mesmerizing. great mix of emotions captured in these shots


SOFIA said...

мне оч нравится!))

Botox said...

love those colors are so great and just so right with the shots

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Bangkok, no? I'll be there next week so shopping suggestions welcomed!

Gorgeous Clara said...

thanks! a lot of people say I look like Chloe...hahahaha

and beautiful pics!

Green and Indie said...

absolutely beautiful photography! I can't wait to see more.


jamie-lee said...

I really love the vibe that all these photos have, gorgeous darling x


heylila said...

really nice photos!!!